SailPoint – Cerner

Empowering and Securing your Healthcare

SailPoint – Cerner Integration - Protecting your Enterprise and Patient Data

When it comes to identity security and proper access control in a healthcare organization using Cerner, SailPoint – Cerner integration from Avancer brings the right solutions. This integration enables effective access and corporate compliance policy enforcement (such as HIPAA) throughout the Cerner EHR. As majority of breaches in the healthcare industry are initiated internally, it becomes crucial to protect your patient’s sensitive information.

SailPoint – Cerner Integration from Avancer brings the following facilities for your Cerner EHR management.

  • Compliance risks are minimized through automated processes
  • Creating a secured ecosystem for your EHRs
  • Right access to the users and clinicians within your organization
  • Streamlines hospital operations with better workflow

You decide who can access your patient data

With the right access control for your Cerner EHR, Avncer’s SailPoint – Cerner integration enables you to determine who shall have access to your organization’s patient data.

SailPoint cerner Integration

How Avancer integrates SailPoint – Cerner?

With this integration employee and entitlement information from Cerner is imported to SailPoint for managing the identity profiles. These processes involve adding and removing access privileges to EHRs. Avancer’s SailPoint-Cerner enables you to alter employee data access instantly.

The major activities facilitated by SailPoint – Cerner integration

Avancer’s SailPoint – Cerner integration brings you

Faster deployment of identity management solutions

SailPoint – Cerner integration incorporates lifecycle and compliance processes for your Cerner EHR. Custom developments can also be integrated within your IT ecosystem without much hassle.

Streamlined provider care operations with minimal interruption

Automated access right changes in Cerner EHR lowers downtime for new hires and transfers.

Building a secure access ecosystem

Deploying uniform access policies and controls throughout applications for eliminating security risks.

Lowering compliance risks

Regulatory compliance is achieved through automated processes for eliminating manual errors.

Step ahead for securing your patient information

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