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    Is it enough to simply implement an IT security platform to safeguard critical data or a network from cyber-attacks and data breaches? How could enterprises truly ensure that their security environment is not vulnerable to cyber threats and hacking?

    Penetration testing or pen testing could provide a solution. Designed to test a system, application, or network, pen-testing enables enterprises to identify vulnerabilities that could be potentially exploited by hackers or people with malicious intent.

    It is pertinent to gain insight into an organization’s security vulnerabilities and address them through risk-based analysis in a proactive and seamless manner. At Avancer, our penetration testing experts create various simulations akin to actual cyber-attacks to test the vulnerabilities in the systems and implement robust solutions to protect businesses across sectors.

    Penetration Testing

    Our specialists go beyond customary automated vulnerability scans and focus on undertaking advanced manual tests to ensure the elimination of any vulnerability or weakness in the security ecosystem. Furthermore, our IT experts are skilled to help secure these vulnerabilities in the systems and infrastructure, along with strengthening the security platforms for any possible future attacks. Some of our penetration testing solutions include:

    Application testing:

    With the adoption and proliferation of cloud computing, IoT devices, mobile and web applications, it is imperative to test and prioritize critical and risk-based applications and secure them with immediate effect.

    Network testing:

    Identify network vulnerabilities such as unknown back doors, configuration errors or flaws in the system to prevent probable attacks that may lead to financial losses or regulatory issues.

    Cloud testing:

    With cloud becoming an integral part of digital transformation for any enterprise, it has become essential to ensure seamless cloud migrations and secure data on cloud. We also conduct testing of AWS, SaaS apps and Azure infrastructure.

    Social engineering:

    While sensitizing employees about latest social engineering methods may help counter cyber attacks, it is vital for enterprises to anticipate and update about various malware and latest phishing attacks to enable the system identify these threats on real-time basis.

    Connect with our experts to conduct comprehensive penetration testing and resolve system vulnerabilities.