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The latest and upgraded IAM systems mean, your business is equipped with new and enhanced features to manage the security threats better. As your existing IAM or IdM system gets outdated, our professionals meticulously plan your IT ecosystem’s journey to upgrade it or migrate it according to the need.

With new security patches, your existing IdM stack performs better. Just like that, migrating from a legacy system to an advanced IAM environment over the cloud adds value to your security setup. Avancer takes complete responsibility for the IdM migration journey for your enterprise, be it from Active Directory or Oracle Identity Management. Upgrading to IdM systems enables businesses to benefit from stable releases by exploring the optimum potential of your products and services. How do we resolve the customer’s issues in migration and upgrades?

Well, Avancer takes pride in understanding customer queries thoroughly. Our team of professionals first take note of the customers’ issues at hand and then devise a roadmap to carry out the required procedure.

WellFirst, we do analysis of the loopholes in their existing system or IAM tool they are using. The issues associated are resolved at the earliest to streamline and simplify the process.

How Avancer can help you in IAM migration and upgrade?

Our experts focus at educating clients with relevant and timely specialized support to align technology initiatives with your business goals.

IAM Advisory Consulting Services

Managing your solutions developed in-house

Our advanced tools and services align your business to get over the additional resource needs for managing in-house solutions a cakewalk. Your in-house developers are left with what they are best with, enhancing your core business, while our experts scale your IT eco-system to deliver the best solutions

IAM Advisory Consulting Services

Simplifying your IT setup

Your existing complex IdM system, legacy system, or AD should not stress you. Avancer’s IAM migration and upgrades are meticulously crafted to simplify the transition and set up your IT ecosystem. Low licensing costs and risk of failure, well-organized and better performing IT silos are possible with this.

IAM Advisory Consulting Services

Resolving scalability, performance, and usability issues with legacy IAM system

When a company grows, user accounts, attributes, and roles too swell up. Migrating to an advanced IAM system is a must. Our enhanced IAM tool ditches the troublesome system management, less secured snail-paced logins, and move to a scalable, usable, and better performing IT set up. Employee onboarding or exit, sales or marketing management becomes a cakewalk.

IAM Advisory Consulting Services

Improved compliance and security

Changing laws and policies across industries make meeting new requirements difficult because old solutions fail to adhere to the new laws or policies. GDPR, PSD2, HIPAA, and SOX demand stringent regulations for data protection along with financial services directives. Avancer’s IAM upgrade and migration processes help you manage data securely, encrypt data lifecycle, audit trails, protect identities, and maintain authentication needs even over the cloud.

IAM Advisory Consulting Services

Standardized IT eco-system during merger or acquisition

Identity management becomes a pressing issue during mergers and acquisitions, due to different security protocols or IAM solutions. Avancer IAM manages identities, user accounts, and roles in a simplified manner. It helps eliminate the complexities of managing multiple incompatible IdMs. Customers, employees and other entities are able to use their existing credentials in the future within a standardized environment. Support for advanced authentication processes between multiple organizations and platforms is also possible.

IAM Advisory Consulting Services

Cost-saving in maintenance, hosting, and licensing models

Security becomes weaker, with evolving policies and business models with respect to industry requirements for old IT setups. Hosting services and product vendors incur more cost to the company for maintaining the old processes with new requirements. Even expanding the business to other regions, growing customer base or transaction volumes stress your legacy system’s maintenance. The existing resources fail to adapt to newer security challenges and Avancer’s IAM can assist you in getting over these restrictions.

IAM Advisory Consulting Services

Removing outdated legacy systems that the vendors no longer support

An outdated application with your legacy system might pose a risk to your IdM setup. If the vendor announces about withdrawing support for the same, you have no option to combat the consequences effectively. In such a situation, you can always look for Avancer’s IdM solution and migrate to secure your enterprise in the long run without disrupting your business.

IAM Advisory Consulting Services

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