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Credentialing your Epic system with the right credentials!

Compliance, automation, and unified identities are the major concern for every healthcare organization that manages information electronically through healthcare applications. A credentialing system might be an effective solution to tag along. Integrating your Epic system with a credentialing system would assist you in achieving your governance, employee management, and audit compliance goals.
Credentialing System

What does a Credentialing System Offers?

For ensuring effective and easy credentialing processes a credentialing system is a must have which efficiently stores your healthcare organization’s information. The major tasks taken care of by a credentialing system are:

  • Automates credentials
  • Huge volume of searchable, centralized, and secured data storage
  • Faster credentials validations and assess qualifications
  • Quick provider credentialization
  • Licenses, certificates and medical needs deadlines are tracked and requirements are renewed seamlessly
  • Maintain industry credentialing regulations, requirements for compliance

Challenges with your Credentialing System:

Though your credentialing system is efficient enough to manage the healthcare application housed in your hospital, what if there are major challenges cropping up that you find no way to resolve? Here are the major challenges deterring a secure credentialing system:

  • Compromised processes forcing your organization to issue new credentials with extra expenses
  • False credentials issuing due to an unauthorized party gaining access to your systems
  • Hackers can attack your healthcare system through the credentialing system and access sensitive information (patient, partner, provider, etc.)

How Avancer Credentialing System – Epic Integration comes to your rescue?

Avancer application integrators help you in integrating your credentialing system and Epic system to ensure a secure, centralized, and rightly managed identity environment within the healthcare organization. Here are the major benefits of adopting Avancer Credentialing System – Epic Integration:

  • Helps the HR system to effortlessly sync both the systems
  • Role-based security
  • The process is easy to integrate and pretty user-friendly to manage
  • Ensures creation and linking of EMP-SER records are done easily
  • No extra cost for having an additional application for SER linking
  • Provisioning and deprovisioning clinicians, contactors, service providers and other employees for better patient care
  • Easy accessibility through most mobile devices across platforms
  • Automatic warnings and updates for certificates and credentials that need renewal
  • Easy to learn and implement by your employees
  • User-friendly interface with dashboard, and click-to-use features
  • Better reporting capabilities
  • Improved workflow within the organization
  • Enhanced patient care in a secure healthcare setup

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