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To weave a safety net across your organization, ensure superior identity governance by joining hands with Avancer and SailPoint.

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    Coming together with the top-notch identity governance solutions

    Our constant efforts to render the best identity governance solutions has lead us to associate with SailPoint. As we at Avancer, put emphasis on ‘identity is power’, establishing relationship with SailPoint identity governance services can take identity governance and administration to new heights. By Avancer’s association with SailPoint, clients can reap the benefits in terms of digital identity management in a secure and effective way. Backed by a strong identity team, market innovation and outstanding industry recognition, Avancer has launched a unique and powerful identity governance platform in collaboration with SailPoint.

    What is SailPoint all about?

    SailPoint’s identity governance solutions are designed with the mission to provide optimum visibility. As a result, organizations can monitor their employees’ access rights, activities and the risk prospects of those activities. They are kept notified of all these important updates and are also equipped with the power to take action, as and when required. Establishing an organized and well-planned connection between users, applications, devices and data, the SailPoint products help in creating an identity-enabled enterprise.

    Sailpoint products are equipped with the following profound features:

    • Compliance controls: Ensuring perfect synchronization with identity policy and access certification to achieve repeated compliance.
    • Automated provisioning and access request: Making available right applications to the right people at the right time.
    • Password management: Easing up the process of resetting passwords for the users, in sync with the corporate policies.
    • Identity governance for files: Governing access on the massive amount of unstructured data in the organization.

    Avancer’s Roadmap to innovative IAM Solutions

    Renowned as a multi-system integrator, Avancer Corporation is a pioneer in Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology, and IT Security and Big Data Management. Avancer’s expertise in structuring robust IAM solutions spans over one-and-a-half-decade. Which offers Avancer an edge over the industry counterparts in identity governance and administration solutions since the year 2004. The extensive industry experience has strengthened Avancer’s forte in offering end-to-end IT Security solutions, products and services. Being a leader in integrating enterprise IT security, Avancer imparts consistent deployment, administration and training to cater to a wide range of services to their clients. The array of services offered by Avancer, ranges from full term project lifecycle execution to tailor-made short-term projects, such as software procurement, architectural advisement, design and development.

    Over three decades of corporate proficiency in the domain of IT, the management team of Avancer has established a matchless methodology for rapid design, development and delivery. Avancer’s core objective doesn’t lie in just delivering end-to-end solutions, but creating optimal IT Systems for our clients through intuitive, clear, and repeatable development process. Avancer has an upper hand, when it comes to partnering with many of the global leaders across verticals. The extensive exposure and expertise has propelled Avancer, to adopt the latest developments in the technology market place and evolve to inculcate the newest trends.

    Here are some of the most important features of Avancer’s IT security solutions:

    • Data Protection: Achieve security, operational backup and disaster recovery for business continuity.
    • Compliance and Risk: Put in place clauses recognized by leading frameworks, standards and regulations.
    • Access Control: Setting a process in place to grant correct access and privileges to users/set of users.
    • Identity Governance Solutions: Policy-based centralized interpretation of identity controls to support IT Security.
    • Cloud Security: Enforcing security, compliance and privacy protocols for cloud-based controls.
    • Mobile Security: Safeguarding portable devices from cyber threats and information security vulnerabilities.

    SailPoint Security Stack implemented and supported by Avancer


    A recognized enterprise solution, IdentityIQ is designed to empower an organizational structure with enhanced visibility. As a result, the employees’ access to all the resources in an intricate hybrid IT environment can be judiciously managed. The latest release of this revolutionary product allows a user to govern identity access to Amazon Web Services (AWS), software bots and SAP environments.

    Avancer’s implementation of IdentityIQ can help your business in the following ways:

    • Centralizing the visibility of users and their access to various applications and data, both on-premises and cloud. This minimizes the risk of inappropriate access and strengthens cyber security.
    • Everyone in the corporate setting, including employees, contractors, partners and bots, is empowered with the right access at the right time from any device.
    • Always enforcing compliance and ensuring complete governance of identity within the corporate policy, by defining the prevention and detection controls.
    • Automating audit reporting and compliance controls to improve audit performance.
    • Reducing operational costs and boosting productivity by empowering users to manage passwords from any device and request or approve access.
    • Enabling the users to easily review and modify choices on access reviews to substantially increase the accuracy and efficiency of certification campaigns.


    Considering that the majority of corporate data is unstructured, e-mails and files have emerged as the new data breach prospects. With SecurityIQ, this valuable unstructured data gets additional identity governance while the critical IT threat is addressed.

    Avancer’s implementation of SecurityIQ can help your business in the following ways:

    • It allows the user to track sensitive data, so that it can be carefully managed and secured, meanwhile minimizing the high risk of data breach.
    • By setting quality detection and prevention controls, it prevents unauthorized access, even before it starts.
    • Deploying shadow IT by checking unstructured data creation, download and upload.
    • Improvised data security with an intuitive dashboard that enables the relevant data owners regulate user access and usage.
    • With the help of an embedded analytics dashboard, the admins get real-time insights across all the governed data sources.
    • Timely notifications are triggered for any suspicious activities when patterns associated with intricate threats like ransomware are detected.


    IdentityNow is a popular SaaS identity governance and administration tool, that empowers an organization to see, govern and empower everything in a corporate setting. It efficiently secures the digital identities of employees so that they can freely access data and all the applications across your hybrid IT environment.

    Avancer’s implementation of IdentityNow can help your business in the following ways:

    • Using a customizable and personalized dashboard, users enjoy instant access to identity tasks and information.
    • Conflicts of interest related to access are easily discovered with separation-of-duty policy management.
    • IT helpdesk costs are minimized because of end user password management and self-service.
    • Requesting and provisioning of access to various important applications get automated.
    • Instantly reviews and remediates access for better security and audit performance.


    Based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, IdentityAI is an effective SaaS (Software as a Service) identity governance and analytics solution. The open identity platform of SailPoint has gained significance with this unique product, as it offers premium visibility to users, allowing them to smartly govern and manage access-related risks.

    Avancer’s implementation of IdentityAI can help your business in the following ways:

    • Tracks all changes pertaining to access and activities.
    • Discovers anomalies, and teach organizational structures to machine-generated peer groups.
    • Involving just a few simple clicks, data can be explored creating impactful visual dashboards.
    • Low-risk approvals and access controls are duly automated to increase productivity and efficiency.

    Implementing SailPoint together with Avancer

    Avancer spearheads the complete SailPoint implementation process in the following 3 stages:

    1. Planning

    • This stage starts right off with a comprehensive evaluation of your existing technology solutions.
    • Based on this intensive IT health check, improvement recommendations are offered.
    • The next step here is deploying the SailPoint technologies into your present technological environment with the help of a standard Quick Start configuration.
    • Last but not the least, Avancer architects your technology implementation to ensure best administration and identity governance solution while configuring the system for supporting your exclusive business needs.

    2. Building

    • With its signature approach, Avancer assists you in coming up with the most appropriate and beneficial technology to fit your technical requirements for matchless identity governance services.
    • The chosen technology is then meticulously installed and configured by our team of product experts.
    • Required engineering services and complete integration is duly provided to take care of things like custom integrations, knowledge transfer and documentation.
    • Organization’s needs pertaining to further customization and implementation of IAM products, are also identified and addressed.

    3. Running

    • Employing their valuable industry insight, the IT experts at Avancer always keep on their toes to offer continuity of services to complement your selected technology.
    • Equipped with profound subject matter expertise, Avancer’s product experts offer on-demand and post-production support for SailPoint technologies.
    • There is also a provision for organizations, that wish to augment their in-house staff with accomplished external IT security aptitude and avail governance for identity.

    Avancer Services around SailPoint

    Avancer brings impactful identity governance solutions to the table, enabling your organization to address complex business challenges. The challenges are taken care of keeping in mind the following objectives:

    • Strengthening security by eliminating risks

      Stolen, weak or default user credentials lead to compromises in identity security. This major threat faced by the organizations can be resolved with centralized visibility into identity and access data. Which enables effective and immediate detection of inappropriate access, weak controls or policy violations.

    • Reducing operational costs

      As several significant labor-intensive processes (including access certifications, password management, access request and provisioning) are automated, operational costs are cut intensely. Which in turn, significantly reduces the IT staff’s time and efforts on administrative tasks.

    • Improving audit and compliance performance

      Identity governance and administration solutions allow organizations to setup right controls in place to meet security and privacy requirements. Expensive manual and paper-based processes are replaced with automated tools. As a result, you get better control of your access and identity data through automation of access certification, and centrally defining risk and policy. This, not only empowers you to reduce the compliance cost significantly, but also lets you launch repeatable practices for a consistent, reliable, auditable and manageable access certification effort.

    • Delivering fast and efficient business access

      With effective administration and identity governance solutions, more productive and timely access to the required resources is given to the users with changing roles and responsibilities. They are also empowered to manage passwords and demand access, thereby minimizing the load on the IT and helpdesk team. With such an efficient automated policy enforcement, important service-level requirements are also met without compromising on any compliance or security.


    How is SailPoint different than the old-style cloud identity management solutions?

    Targeting the multi-protocol approach, SailPoint enables an organization to simplify a bundle of Information Technology resources. It simply accepts a tool or program’s default language to deliver the favorable results in the smallest frame of time possible.

    How can a business benefit from an effective cloud identity management solution like SailPoint?

    With an effective cloud identity management solution like SailPoint, all the employees, IT applications and devices in a corporate setting are able to connect to each other in a very safe way, using a central control, regardless of their location. This not only restricts the frauds and other IT threats, but also leads to reliable directory management and zero management overhead, thus offering enhanced identity governance and safety. Plus, the organization’s cloud servers can be easily extended and connected to the current AD.

    Why the SailPoint Cloud Identity Management solution has an edge over other such solutions?

    Following are the biggest pros of SailPoint Cloud Identity Management solution over its contemporaries:

    • Ensures optimum security of data storage and backup
    • Offers effective management abilities, keeping server capabilities indifferent
    • Comes loaded with inbuilt sandboxing features, which are simple to use for users
    • Helps in saving a lot of cost and efforts required to manage data on cloud

    SailPoint solutions can be applied to which cloud models directly?

    Although the installation and implementation may vary, SailPoint is compatible with most of the cloud models including Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Community Cloud and Hybrid Cloud.

    What are the prerequisites of implementing a cloud identity management solution?

    Before implementing a cloud identity management solution, you should primarily check the related mandatory compliances and loss of storage and data. The overall continuity of cloud environment’s data integrity must also be paid attention to.

    What sort of investment is required to setup a cloud architecture?

    In an almost-nil investment as compared to a dedicated cloud, cloud architecture offers optimum security and safety in every aspect.

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