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Patient-care and Pharmacy Management with utmost ease!

With McKesson Healthcare applications – customers make use of top-notch healthcare solutions at low costs within a streamlined manner that enhances the safety and quality of patient care. Avancer healthcare connector helps McKesson to tie the loose ends while connecting or communicating with incompatible inhouse applications for managing patient care, clinician rosters, HR operations, etc.

McKesson Healthcare Solution Offerings:

Robust Healthcare & Pharmacy Management with Avancer Healthcare System:

Be it healthcare IT for physicians, hospitals, payor, homecare, retail pharmacy, and hospital automation or services meant for payors and manufacturers – they are meant to offer the best solutions for patients. Scalable, secure, and highly effective solutions in payroll management, patient care, clinicians’ rosters, audit compliance, and a lot more in the healthcare organization can be attained with Avancer healthcare connectors for McKesson systems – whether over hybrid systems, on-prem or on the cloud.

How the Avancer Healthcare Integrator accelerates McKesson’s functionalities?

With Avancer Healthcare Connector, the operational and performance bottlenecks are resolved effortlessly. This, in turn, improves operations and helps in business growth for your healthcare institution.

Avancer Healthcare Connectors facilitate

  • Audit Risk Mitigation
  • Right access control at your fingertip
  • Lower compliance risks within automated processes of McKesson
  • Faster deployment of identity management services
  • Streamlined provider care operations with less interruption
  • Building a secure access ecosystem
  • Right insight into single and multi-site pharmacies
  • Improved workflow and better operations in hospitals
  • Employee and partner record creation and linking

Avancer Healthcare protecting your patient & pharmacy information!

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