Kronos Healthcare Connector

Managing Healthcare Workforce Effortlessly!

Workforce Management with Kronos robustly streamlines your healthcare IT system.

Starting from Kronos HRMS, attendance and timesheets, payroll, scheduling, leave management, etc. are taken care of through customized tools exclusively crafted for such setups managing specific industries over the cloud. Achieving secure, scalable, and mobile solutions within such ecosystems come as a must-have. But, there are instances when your on-prem or cloud system doesn’t properly synchronize with the Kronos system. Information discrepancy, audit compliance in your healthcare organization arise with this.

Bottlenecks in Healthcare application:

While connecting Kronos with your in-house applications for managing HR or accounts systems, there are occasions that might need special attention. Though Kronos offers automated solutions for schedule management, attendance and time tracking, leave policies and attendance management to gauge productivity. Factors like audit compliance, regulatory guidelines, etc. remain a major concern for every organization.

How Avancer Healthcare Integrator for Kronos bridges the gap?

Avancer Healthcare connectors ease off the stress from your healthcare applications (Kronos) and facilitate the following solutions for business growth and robust operations.

  • Secured one-click access to frequently used features on Kronos
  • Effective customizable employee self-service portal
  • Insights into the availability of resources, labor demand, scheduling throughout the organization
  • Lower compliance risks within automated processes of Kronos
  • Eases the analytics and reporting for viewing data through dashboards and alerts in Kronos
  • Right access to clinicians and users within the healthcare organization
  • Improved workflow and better operations in hospitals
  • Protect patient data by safeguarding the electronic healthcare records

Advantages of Avancer Healthcare Connectors:

The best features about Avancer Healthcare Connectors are:

  • Right access control at your fingertip
    You decide whom to offer the privilege to deal with your patient data (health records) through Kronos.
  • Faster deployment of identity management services
    Avancer healthcare integrators facilitate lifecycle and compliance processes for your Kronos patient records. Custom developments can also be integrated within your IT ecosystem effortlessly.
  • Streamlined provider care operations with less interruption
    Automated access right changes in Kronos lower downtime for new hires and transfers.
  • Building a secure access ecosystem
    Deploying uniform access policies and controls throughout applications for eliminating security risks.

Adopt Avancer Healthcare and protect your patient information!

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