Healthcare Application Connector Stack

Enable cost-effective, secured and user-friendly Management of Healthcare Applications

The dynamics of Healthcare IT is not quite as it is for any other industry. Major considerations that play a role in Healthcare IT Systems – regulations, sensitive PIIs/PHIs, operational requirements and business considerations. To ensure that the systems are running well, multiple teams are deputed in IT Department to manage Healthcare Application – the higher the application count, the bigger the teams.

Healthcare Applications Connector Stack crafted by IAM Experts at Avancer solves the problem. The stack connects the applications to IdM system and allows scaling down of teams, so that they can invest time in strategic tasks. The product can support even most complex and dynamic IT environments and complicated operation workflows and can be tailored as per requirements.

Highlights of Applications Connector Stack:

Minimizes complex and costly developments and extend the ROI of your existing technology investments

Single Dashboard to maintain, manage and automate all connected Healthcare Applications

Brings down scope of error, duplicity and/or overlaps through strategic automation

Standard and seamless interface between Identity infrastructure and Application’s

Works with all IdM Systems including a home-grown IdM Setup


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