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In today’s time, no business is free of cyber vulnerabilities. Conventional Identity Management Solution is not complete to keep the attacks at bay. Attacks caused through system administrators’ accounts can cause substantial loss to an organization. As such accounts have greater controls over IT Systems, any malicious entrant can cause significant damage to systems, by breaching the IT systems through the credentials of a superuser. Superusers have greater controls in the form of – presence on cloud servers, access to sensitive information, greater authority over legacy systems, a top-level chain of command, etc. In this backdrop, safeguarding Privilege Accounts make up for a very crucial aspect of identity security.

A highly integrated business environment requires appropriate safeguards, therefore securing access to privileged accounts is imperative. Unattended administrative IT tasks related to the managed privileged identities enabled the creation of systems that can be exploited by both insiders and external attackers. The high numbers of data breaches, mass-proliferation of smartphones, shifting focus on automation and the challenges of manual administration within an organization call for setting up strong check posts.

Avancer’s Privilege Account Management Solutions’s integration:

Privilege Account Management Solution allows businesses to enforce credible access authentication and authorization of privilege users. In addition, they bring ease in the management of password & access disclosure to satisfy basic policy & regulatory requirements.

Avancer’s Privilege Account Management integration strategically aligns business requirements with access controls for top levels users. Listed below are some of the crucial features of Avancer’s Privilege Account Management Solution’s integration:

Based on enterprise security policies and controls, integrate Enterprise Password Vault to fully protect privileged passwords. It discourages any unauthorized access, thereby securing crucial information, applications and intellectual property.

Implement Privilege Threat Analytics that enables incident response teams to disrupt and quickly threat-response. It helps the instant threat detection and rectification, ensuring that loopholes are closed as soon as they are breached.

Gain control by continuous monitoring to keep a check on commands and task initiated by super users. This enables termination of any suspicious command that is being passed through enterprise IT Systems.

Bring endpoint Privilege Manager Security Mechanism to control thefts on the initial stages of an attack. This is done through setting up alerts and notifications mechanism in case of any suspicious entrant.

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