IAM Managed Services #2

Identify pillars of IAM Managed Services

Understand the risk factors by availing the customized IAM Managed Services of Avancer Corporation. Secure identities and manage applications security through our IAM framework.

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Lifecycle governance

Manage user identities and defining the access of resources with the help of our experienced professionals. Overcome lifecycle governance challenges through our automated IAM managed services.

Single-sign on

Seek assistance in managing user authentication with the single sign-on provision. Rely on our experts to secure access to applications without any complications.

Network and access control

Restrict unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information of your business network. Get detailed insights of addressing network and access control from our IT security consultants.

Key encryption

Get familiar with the IAM framework for security & encryption to secure your business network. Manage IAM key encryption roles & permissions by availing our IAM Managed services consultation.

Highlights of our IAM Managed Services

  • Understanding the challenges in the IAM program deployment
  • Transforming IAM program according to business requirements
  • Optimizing IAM services to improve identity governance
  • Customizing a cost-effective IAM managed solution
  • Achieving efficient workflow system by troubleshooting with IAM protocols

What makes Avancer’s IAM managed services unique?

Over the past few years, Avancer has helped clients in implementing IAM Managed Services’ plan. Not only do our IT security experts find shortcomings of the existing strategy, but also, offer the effective identity & access management services. From safeguarding the sensitive content, managing applications’ security and providing resources & IT support to overcome short-term capability deficiency to offering managed IT solutions, we have focused on the client-centric approach to make security departments of the organization agile & scalable. Our vision is to add value to the business of clients through IT & cybersecurity consulting services further helping them achieve workflow optimization and system efficiency.

Why are IAM managed services essential for business?

At Avancer, we believe in reducing the frequency of cyber threats by using the IAM managed services. Our vision is to increase the efficiency of IAM tasks while making the operations cost-effective. With the help of our highly skilled and well trained IAM providers, you can manage resources & overall system. We ensure that identity & access management program is executed by strengthening your cybersecurity protocols. We are a trusted IAM provider with the extensive knowledge of protecting companies’ sensitive information and a proven track record of excellence.

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