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Create roadmap for a secure IT ecosystem
with IAM Assessment

For measuring the efficiency of any IAM service, it is imperative to do the assessment of implemented IAM tools at regular intervals.

At Avancer, our IAM experts implements the following methods to enable enterprises to strengthen their IT ecosystem.

  • Assessment planning:
    Gather information on current performance levels. This is the phase wherein the existing infrastructure, business processes, and operations are appraised.
  • Functional Testing:
    Set out to establish desired performance levels. Based on the findings in the first phase, business goals and strategies are revisited and essential functionalities are defined.
  • Troubleshooting:
    Undertake a comprehensive gap analysis. Draw out existing voids in a system to achieve desired performance levels to improvise the existing network and systems.
  • Identifying and inclusion of new identity policies:
    Strategy formation based on clear road mapping. Establish a step by step process to induct high-level architecture, data governance module and process refinement in the existing system.
  • Enterprises need to conduct a review of their identity management platform to assess the current state against industry best practices, and identify the risk-areas, gaps or deficiencies in the platform.

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