How to Fasten Up Your DIY Diwali Cleaning?

Hello October! And well, the season of festivities has arrived! Navratras are initiating the month while Diwali will be adding more sparkle to it afterward. This in turn inevitably calls for house cleaning in every Indian home. We understand your pain and agony when it comes to taking up home cleaning on your own. Diwali is next on the calendar, once the Navaratras are over. The festival of lights is all about house cleaning, dumping the old, decorations, and welcoming the new. Diwali cleaning is a mandate nowadays as it’s a yearly cleaning ritual for most homes, but the question here is, have you planned your work accordingly? Are you prepared to go through the grill and take up the pain all by yourself or you’re hiring experts to get the job done?

If you feel that you can do the house cleaning by yourself, we have the following tips to fasten up your work.

Let’s check them out:

      Chalk out the plan:
      Mark the days when you’re free to work. Start from one room and schedule the days accordingly. Don’t rush everything but yes, don’t make any room for comfort and laziness as well 😮 Take small breaks in between cleaning your room. Ensure that you take up one area at a time to eliminate the chance of spreading the mess.
      Check out the areas which more prone
      Places like cupboards, cabinets, shelves, under the bed, sofas, etc. are your initial targets. Pull out the stuff lying in the messy and unreachable areas within your home and dust and wipe them with dusting cloth. You’ll find plenty of things during this cleaning session – lost pens, accessories, invoices, even your favourite spoon, and not just dirt and dust.
      Decide to Bin or Stow:
      Identify things that are useful for you and the ones that aren’t. Shoot away the ones that you don’t want to occupy your space. Bin the documents which are no longer useful and all the scratch you’ve kept for so long. But make sure to shred the documents to make your address and contact details inaccessible to someone who will go through the garbage and misuse it for unethical practices. Time to trash them! Stow all the items nicely in a proper cabinet that is useful or important for you. You can donate your disowned toys or clothes after a quick wash. You will come across a flood of dresses and apparel, and we know the excitement.

    Tip – Categorize your stuff! For example: Keeping documents in a safe yet reachable cupboard, discard the old bills, coupons or visiting cards. 4. Eh! A day for entertainment:
    How about cleaning your home entertainment system? We are talking about all the electronic equipment meant for entertainment including your LCD/LED, home theatre, speakers, digital players, etc. Use a microfiber cloth to clean them. Check if repairs are needed. Kindly use a liquid cleaner to avoid any colour/screen tampering.

      Kitchen deep cleaning:
      Where there is food, there is life. The kitchen is not less than a holy place for us as well as the pests including rats and rodents, cockroaches, ants, and the list goes on. Which in turn demands regular cleaning practice for the homeowners. Take out all the items – boxes, jars, and kitchenware from the slabs and drawers. Use a pest repellent on your own or you can take help from any pest control service providers such as ServicePik for the same. There is also the option for herbal pest control service if you are hesitant to avail chemical pest control service. They can provide you herbal ones as well.

    After this, dust and wipe out all the drawers and slabs, as well as clean up the spaces under the stove, sink area, and the wall tiles. Scrub your kitchen floors and walls, slab tiles with a cleaning solution to remove the sticky, oily, and greasy dirt and stains. Place an old newspaper inside the drawers and use stickers/labels on jars to name your items. Pile up the jars nicely, keeping the small ones at the front and the bigger ones at the back.
    Clean your refrigerator racks with half-cut lemon soaked in vinegar. Store all the fresh veggies and fruits after washing them, dump the rotten ones. Dust and wipe the front doors and top properly.

      Vacuum the rooms:
      To fling off the dust in the living room, and bedrooms, you need to vacuum the area or you can ask your house help to do the usual ‘Jhaadu Poccha’ using a disinfectant.
      Bathroom/washroom (Yah! Whatever you call it)
      Use a soft cloth to clean the shelves after dusting them. Again, you’ll be needing your house help to clean the toilet and seats, or you can clean the same using the usual cleaning liquid and jet pipe. Arrange your daily products, throw away the unwanted and expired products. Discard the excess water using a wiper and place a room freshener to kill the odour in your bathroom.
      Tip – For the washbasin, use your old toothpaste, add equal parts of water and vinegar to scrub the dirty area. Use a disinfectant to wash away the showerheads, taps, and other handles.
      Don’t leave any room for dusty flecks:
      No matter how much you try, dust particles always find a way and stubbornly remain in the less cleaned areas, such as fans, coolers, bed covers, cabinets, etc.

      Fans: The blades of fans attract a lot of dust particles on it. Clean it with a wet cloth after dusting it. Don’t try to be superhuman, take help, please!
      Bed Covers/Cabinets: We usually don’t check the bed covers and the drawers and storage space under them. Take out all the items you’ve kept there. Vacuum clean or dust it with a dry cloth to remove dirt.

Now that your home is sparkly clean, how about taking up a better and more interesting job? Well, you guessed it right we are speaking about painting your walls for Diwali. This will add a spark to your home apart from bringing in freshness. If you are unsure of how to find the right shade or personnel to take up the job you can again ask for professional service from ServicePik. For more colour ideas that suit your mood and home needs, you can let your creative mind wander for the best possible options.

In the end, here is our Vastu Tip for you: Take a spray bottle and mix some salt and water in it and spray around the house. Doing this during Diwali brings positive energy as salt is assumed to absorb negative vibes.

Well, we have sorted out most of your work here. If you want to take the help of our house cleaning experts, we are always here to help you.