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Better Data Security

Keeping the hard copy of sensitive information or data secured may be a tedious job. But the scanned files or documents, can be stored in cloud by making them password-protected. As a result, the organization can assign access level to the specific users, thereby, improving the IT security.

Audit Compliance

With the help of data scanning, the organization can easily fulfill the regulatory and legal guidelines while ensuring data protection. Besides, it is easy to keep scanned files indexed, organized and promptly achieve the requirements of the auditor.

Improved disaster recovery

The occurrence of natural disasters like fire, floods and other conditions may lead to loss of documents. Therefore, the scanning of documents through data scanning is beneficial in offering enhanced disaster recovery. Digital data can be backed up to electronic drive through e-vaulting solution.

Enhanced information

Data scanning helps in preserving important documents by backing them electronically. Besides, it improves the legibility of old hard copies of the documents.

Rely on best practices of Data Scanning with Avancer

In this digital age, automated classification of data before scanning helps in keeping files and other documents structured. At Avancer, our IT security experts offer consultation to clients regarding understanding, implementing and exploring the benefits of data scanning.

Scope of data scanning services

  • Optimization of costs without any hassle
  • Performance efficiency is achieved
  • Security compliance risks are eliminated
  • Operational excellence can be attained
  • Automatic recognition of the data
  • Advanced technology is used for indexing and sorting information

What Makes data scanning of Avancer unique?

Over the past few years, it has become important to constantly focus on data protection in IT security. Be it for identifying critical vulnerabilities or finding the ultimate solution, Avancer has a team of experts that stays updated with the security trends. Keeping in mind, the growing number of cyber threats, the organization needs to invest in the dedicated resources for data scanning. At Avancer, we discuss the issues faced by the clients and understand the type of scanning required by them. Not only do we comply to the guidelines of IT security, but also, mitigate data breaches for providing a comprehensive and defensive solution to the organization.

Types of security scanning we recommend:

  • External vulnerability scans
  • Internal vulnerability scans
  • Penetration testing tools
  • Host-based agents
  • External tests
  • Internal tests

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