Avancer’s EPIC - IdM Provisioning Enterprise Application Integrator

EPIC creates software for medical groups, hospitals and integrated healthcare organizations. EPIC’s software spans across clinical, admin & revenue functions. Its applications support functions are spreads across patient care, including registration and scheduling; clinical systems for doctors, nurses, emergency personnel, and other care providers including systems for lab technologists, pharmacists, and radiologists; and billing systems for insurers. It is an important application support system in the healthcare industry.

According to EPIC, hospitals that use its software are in possession of 54% of patients’ records in the United States. Such a wide and extensive usage of EPIC applications makes it imperative to synchronize administrative IT capabilities that support Identity Management and Access Governance. This is important for achieving better interaction and security amongst application end points and IAM capabilities.

IT administrator in healthcare organizations are held back because of failure of EPIC Applications to interact with IAM Solution. Within EPIC’s scope of usage, a user must be provisioned into each domain using tools that interact with IAM capabilities. Simplifying interaction among various applications is important for ensuring robust interaction between various IT solutions, applications and products. The IAM-EPIC Application Integrator created by Avancer helps to improve the usability and adoption of EPIC applications and integrating it with the exiting IAM platform. It strengthens IT system by easing workflow through single sign-on for end-users, simplify administration through centralization and automation of user identity, ensuring right access.

Avancer developed EPIC connector catering to all Identity Management functions to automate interaction between EPIC IT Solutions and any Identity Management system. It takes care of all IdM functions that are usually performed manually. Listed below are the key features of IdM Provisioning Enterprise Application Integrator for EPIC by Avancer:

  • Reduces Manual Effort: Enables secure, timely and accurate automation of the EPIC provisioning process and ties the process to existing enterprise provisioning systems in an automated way. The connectivity established through this application integrator also takes down help desk intervention for access related requests.
  • Brings down administrative costs: By decreasing maintenance costs, auditing requirements and data security risk to User Identity information, as Avancer’s Connector facilitate storing information at external location.
  • Eliminates duplication of tasks: With the introduction of application integrator, the IT administrators are able to achieve interoperability. Robust interaction with existing Identity Management Systems to facilitate provisioning/de-provisioning compatibility. Track inactivate users’ record on all associated domains from a single source, no additional certification required.

Functions performed by Avancer’s EPIC – IdM Provisioning Enterprise Application Integrator as a trusted virtual administrator include lifecycle management, access assignment, authentication, password management and management of attributes performed by EPIC. In addition, the Avancer’s EPIC-IdM Provisioning Enterprise Adaptor supports all features supported by EPIC API. It adds value by eliminating complex and costly developments and extend the ROI of existing technology investments.

Listed below is a comprehensive view of functions supported by Avancer’s IAM-EPIC Integrator:

1. Creation of User: Once a user has been created by the system, it needs to be reflected in the application system. The Avancer’s IAM-EPIC Integrator ensures that the user is created with correct functional/departmental information and enables a user to access the system at ease.

2. Activating User Account: At times the user creation and account activation are not conducted simultaneously. This needs strategic insight into access related requirements and access records of a user coded into the system brought in through Avancer’s IAM-EPIC Integrator.

3. Setup User Specifications: Retrieve and setup user’s specifications based on information that is to be displayed on the system. The Avancer’s IAM-EPIC Integrator ensures that a verified User’s current setup is correct and identifies the items that are to be changed.

4. Updated User Details: Any changes in a user’s detail, including department, position, role based evolution is to be consistently reflected on all connected platforms.

5. Terminate/remove Inactive User: Limiting the access of inactive users from EPIC application web service brings down chances of misuse of official information. When a user is out of the system, the application integrator enables taking out such user.

6. Password Management: Undertake various tasks associated with management of user passwords such as Set User Password, Set User External Passwords and force password change.

It also provides better control with an ability to govern access to the application. Avancer started off with provision and de-provision accounts on EPIC into various positions on server. Through an application integrators, user could possess one or multiple accounts and shoot authenticate command to different data sources. The Avancer’s EPIC – IdM Provisioning Enterprise Application Integrator offers standard integration with leading IAM solutions. The features include create, update & terminate user accounts and self-serve password management. All these tasks are automated through enterprise IAM System. Management of aforementioned functions was done by custom development of capabilities inside an IAM system. It adds Certifications capabilities on which managers and audit team members can take certification related actions such as (certify positions, credentials and other information) or revoke positions to ensure closed loop remediation for any violations in EPIC related system access.

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