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The Client: A major Financial Risk Management and Insurance Company

Avancer associated with one of Fortune 500 companies and a leading global risk and brokerage specialist company. It is amongst America’s 5th largest company in the diversified financial industry with presence in more than 100 countries globally. The client has over a 90-year history of offering integrated solutions in the (re)insurance industry.

The network systems needs to connect over 50,000 employees on a robust basis, and be capable to serve individual as well as institutional clients. The client is in constant need to leverage its intellectual capital to anticipate and solve a range of emerging strategic business challenges and opportunities.

The key issues faced by the client for which Avancer’s intervention was sought were:

  • Single-Sign-On and Access Automation: A huge user base was tough to support through a home-grown Single-Sign-On solution. The client was often hit by glitches, stalling day to day operations and obstructing in-time access to various application (hosted on internal as well as cloud). The client was in a dire need of a self-service administrative IT features to automate Access Governance.
  • Directory Service Upgrade: The existing manual system was stuck by performance issues. Since the client was looking upgrading to Oracle’s latest version, ancillary technology such as the existing directory product was unsupported with the updated version of Oracle product.

Avancer’s Intervention

After undertaking a strategic look at the problems faced by the client through a series of discussions with various teams at the client’s end, Avancer suggested following solutions:

  • Migration from home grown solution to a robust Single Sign-on Solution by inducting OAM 11gR2 Solution Technology into the system
  • Identity and Access Management integration across the system network
  • Identity Lifecycle Management which included out of the box functionality, password management, custom branding, LDAP synchronization
  • Implemented Web Service Security: Enterprise Gateway deployment, secure token propagation & web services management

End Results

The project was successfully completed with the implementation of aforementioned solutions and services. It led to following results:

  • The client, a financial services provider, achieved self service automation for employees. It proved to be successful in creating an efficient work environment, cutting down on time spent by administrative IT on manually processing access related requests. Moreover Single-Sign-On drastically enhanced functionality with new set of features like Centralized Identity, Access and Password Management.
  • Single-Sign-On was extended to Portal/Public sites, i-aXs, SOA, Middleware, FacExchange, Cognos reporting, and ECM improving operational efficiency of work processes, better performance of workforce & enhanced security of the network systems.
Identity & Access Governance Solution

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    Identity & Access Governance Solution

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