Automation Amidst Merger & Acquisition | Healthcare Industry

Success story of Avancer for having completed a series of projects for smooth transition of all users Identity and Access for a series of Merger and Acquisition process by a major Healthcare Service provider.

The Client: Premier Academic Medical Center Hospital

The client that ranks among 18 top hospitals in the US merged and acquired other hospitals and related services providers under its umbrella. It took the base to over 60,000 users coming together from diverse IT environments.

Identity and Access Management challenges:

  • Existing External and Internal users: Physicians, Visiting professionals, Nurses, Administration Employees, Contract Employees.
  • Additional 3,000 and 2,500 users to be on-boarded of merged and acquired hospitals respectively
  • Merging diverse environments at the hospitals – existing infrastructure and applications at the healthcare organizations varied
  • Putting together connectors for the latest versions of applications weren’t ready
  • Upgrading the older version of Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) that had reached end-of-life and offered limited productivity to users

Avancer’s Technical Intervention

Avancer undertook a detailed analysis of users and requirements, business processes and existing infrastructure. Upon understanding the strategic requirements of operations of the client, Avancer implemented and deployed following IAM Technology

  • Oracle Identity Management was upgraded from 10g to 11gR2
  • Active directories were integrated and user data was successfully migrated
  • Email addresses updation for the new set of users
  • Effective utilisation of latest APIs through establishing connectors and integration points for the latest versions of PeopleSoft applications
  • Connectors & integrators developed and implemented for applications such as Cerner, Kronos and PRIMES
  • User experience improvised with a refurbished interface, email notification system and password management system
  • Support and maintenance for ongoing production issues was provided

Avancer’s Association for Business Benefit

Client requirements and project complexities were understood and suitable solutions were implemented.

From a business process and efficiency standpoint following actions were performed:

  • Assessment of each of the merged and acquired healthcare organizations in terms of applications used, active directories, integration requirements…
  • Access Governance and Audit Management
    • New governance and policy frameworks to accommodate new environments were established
    • A comprehensive reporting and auditing system that followed latest standards was established
    • Identity certifications for users, resources, entitlements and roles needed

Achieved – Robust Automation and Business Benefits

A smooth induction of relevant Identity and Access Management Technology helped the client achieve operational efficiency, improved business performance and better risk management

  • Achieved Uninterrupted Operational Efficiency
    Mergers and acquisitions could greatly affect operations and impact business continuity. Solutions implemented by Avancer allowed users to run business applications and carry on business processes without any interruption.
  • Efficiency in Business Performance
    Establishing systems, upgrading software and integrating applications vastly improve productivity of users at organizations. By implementing and deploying the requisite solutions Avancer helped the client in improving business performance through robust automation.
  • Minimise security threat through better Risk Management
    Technology implemented and created by Avancer helped the client in complying with prevalent regulations. It brought transparency, extended monitoring capabilities, and allowed the client to manage risk effectively.
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