Top 5 trending cyber-attack techniques affecting your enterprise!

With the world moving rapidly to digitization, the information collected and stored digitally is becoming vulnerable to cyber-attacks. As the cyber safety protocols and technologies including Identity and Access Management as well as Identity Governance are becoming advanced. They are stringently monitoring the information, and identities of enterprises from possible cyber-attacks. But the miscreants are turning smarter with every unfolded security setup to wreak havoc with your business information. These attacks jeopardize your business in multiple ways, starting from losing client to data leakage, information security lapses, loss of contracts, customers and the list goes on. Like we have already known, prevention is better than cure. You got to stay alert and brace yourself against such unethical hacking practices in any way. Before you resolve any possible issue, it is important to know the culprits, i.e. the hacking techniques that might ruin your business. Once you are aware of them, you can opt for Avancer’s IAM (Identity and Access Management) solution for your enterprise information security.

Information security analysts take every measure to detect dubious activities involving data and identities within an enterprise. Unless you understand how do companies get hacked, you can’t devise a proper plan to combat the attack. The following hacking techniques are giving IT analysts a tough challenge nowadays.

  1. Reusing your Credentials
    As everything nowadays is online and requires a login ID, people find it tedious to manage multiple ID and passwords for various applications and services. So, they resort to keeping a common user ID or at least a common password for most of them (or use their gmail ID). Well, this is where hackers find the crack to wreak havoc with your accounts and get access to your online applications (both financial and official ones). Multiple websites hack accounts and passwords and sell off to third-parties, without you having a clue about it. Though, it is bit tough to manage, make it a practice to have variation in IDs and passwords. So that, if one account is compromised, you still have your other online accounts, bank accounts and memberships are still secure. You can make use of a trusted password manager application to maintain multiple credentials or for your enterprise data security implement a reliable IAM solution like that of Avancer.
  2. Brute Force Attack
    When it comes to latest hacking attack techniques, how could we miss brute force attack. Here the attackers make use of malicious scripts or hacking software simultaneously until they gain access to your account. Websites and accounts are vulnerable to this kind of cyber-attacks and data theft, shutting down of a site, or vulnerability to a more severe attack is what follows. This attack is time consuming but error-free one, which is a great risk for business owners as the information through their website can be misused or the site gets shutdown. Automated tools are equipped in this process to try various user ID and password combination till they are able to log in to an account/access to a website. A precautionary tip here is creating a longer password, to protect your account and website as the brute force attack tools take more time to pick your password. Another solution to stay protected from this attack is using Avancer’s IT security solutions that protect your identities with two-factor authentication processes.
  3. Man-in-the-Middle attack and Session Hijacking
    While browsing the internet or transacting online, the destination servers know you through a specific session ID. The server responds to your request by providing the information you are looking for whether its web-browsing or online transactions through user ID and passwords. Well, the threat here is, there are attackers who hijack your session ID and pose as you to access your information/gain access to your account. Session IDs are stolen by cross-site scripting attacks. Acting as a masked middle-man the attacker comes between your system and the remote server to get hold of the data being transferred.
  4. Cross Site Scripting/XSS/SQL Injection
    Talking about the numerous times how do companies/personal information get hacked, cross site scripting seems one of the major culprits. In this case, when you download a malicious attachment or click on such a link, the hacker injects malignant scripts into your site to redirect your inbound traffic to another site. With this type of attack, a website’s reputation can be ruined to the worst extent. They make the user data such as credit card information, credentials, personal information vulnerable to theft and misuse.
    When it comes to SQL injection attack, the attacker targets user credentials, sensitive financial data of a vulnerable website rather than redirecting the traffic like a cross site scripting attack. When protecting your enterprise information and identities become a pressing factor, Avancer’s IAM services are the perfect solution to them.
  5. Denial-of-Service (DoS)
    Usually during special occasions such as sales during festive seasons, the website (such as e-commerce sites) gets flooded with limitless traffic that the site can’t handle. This is a genuine case, but malicious entities flood websites with so much traffic that the site temporarily becomes incapable of handling the extra load. The visitors then can’t access the content they are requesting from the website, because the server is flooded with so much unusual traffic that shuts the site. Another version to this DoS attack exists, popularly known as distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS). Here multiple computers and IPs are involved, sometimes from across the globe. Here the network administrator finds it tough to track the source of the attack, because simultaneously multiple IPs are involved in the cyber-attack.

Of late, Information security analysts are coming up with the best way to beat all these security challenges including the latest hacking techniques. Among the most preferred solutions, adapting safety measures such as integrating identity management and governance solutions with existing IT setup, implementing IAM solutions to manage access controls at their best lead the race. When it comes to both the features being incorporated for an enterprise, Avancer’s IAM solution has an edge over the counterparts. Be it cyber-attacks related to identity theft or access control issues; you have got everything under control with Avancer IAM tool. Features like single-sign-on (SOS), security compliance, multi-factor authentication etc. make the tool an effective weapon against cyber-threats. For securing your enterprise identities, having firewalls and antivirus software is no longer enough. So, an identity management application like Avancer is definitely the call of the hour!

Worried about your enterprise information security? Unleash the top threats in the cyber security arena and how can you overcome them for a seamless and secure IT setup!

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