The dos and don’ts of client onboarding with IAM Managed Services!

Deploying IAM Managed Services have become a norm for enterprises to track and secure their business information, be it about their finances or employees and their identities. Being a business owner, your client needn’t bother about slogging stats and security features threatening to wreak havoc to their enterprise. IAM Managed Services are not child’s play, so business owners often wonder how these solutions propel their business for success, does their workforce got the right resources, and how secure is their business online. Client onboarding with IAM Managed Services hence calls for priority IT security solutions by maintaining a healthy relationship with the clients. If you find your IAM managed services are not bringing you effective results then Avancer is always there for your smooth sail!

Let’s explore the dos and don’ts of client onboarding with IAM Managed Services. Here comes what you should while onboarding clients for IAM Managed Services and ensure their business information security and accelerating their growth prospect.

What should you do in client onboarding?

  1. Carefully take note of the contact details of your client. There should never be any issue in reaching them in case you need clarity about their service requirements.
  2. Make sure that your solutions match up to resolve the IT security needs of your client that you have promised.
  3. Create a checklist to draft an implementation roadmap that would help you in matching the needs of client requirements.
  4. Take a note to integrate best security practices and adhere to security guide lines, regulations, and laws such as SOC, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI etc.
  5. Take client support seriously to ensure periodical (monthly) maintenance of the IAM Managed Services.
  6. Be transparent and clear in your communication with the clients. There should never be gray areas that might leave your client in distress.
  7. Basic setup and tooling must be carried out in a timely manner. It enhances your credibility and clients’ trust you more as a reliable provider for IAM Managed Services.
  8. Ensure that clients are connected with a single point of contact to ease any kind of confusion.
  9. Maintain cloud directories for accelerating client onboarding time. Being everything on the cloud ensures that your focus is more on rendering your promised services to the client with better efficiency.
  10. Though everything in electronically maintained nowadays and the systems itself carry the history of events. Maintaining a written document (we mean, a digital one with both parties’ agreement) regarding the offered services is beneficial. It helps the client refer to the document, whenever they want to know something about the managed services offered to them.

The strict no-nos for client onboarding with IAM Managed Services
As managed services are automated, you no longer juggle with the gruelling task of manually maintaining IAM setups for your clients and having your peace of mind. Adapting latest tools for leveraging the benefits of managed services in IAM is the best way ahead. We have compiled few of the serious mistakes that can jeopardize your client onboarding in IAM Managed Services.

Stay away from these practices to ensure a successful IAM managed service setup for your client:

  1. Providing a common password to every user. It will create havoc for the enterprise as any user can access the privileges and access allowed to someone else in the industry, if the IDs follow a common pattern and are easily guessable.
  2. Promising your client more than what your services offer. Only assure what you can provide them with, stay away from exaggerating.
  3. Skipping backups unencrypted. It makes their data vulnerable to cyber attacks and breaches, so ensure them to be tightly encrypted.
  4. Not monitoring the identity management setup.
  5. Zero follow-up after client onboarding. It will wipe off the trust and reliability a client should have on you.
  6. Not sharing any support documentation about the product or services offered.
  7. Altering clients’ requirement to mould it according to the services you offer. Rather, customize your offerings and ensure the client gets what they have asked for. Its all about their enterprise information security that nobody want to get compromised at any cost.
  8. Creating users or admins accidentally. It is unacceptable, as someone might get hold of it and breach the clients’ security internally or make it vulnerable to external attacks as well.
  9. Multiple channels of communications confusing the client. Keep a single point of contact for ease of use by the client.
  10. Offering too many services or products that overload the client. Always provide the basic product which they require and suggest advanced solutions if need there be at the beginning itself. Save them from the hassle of upgrading every now and then by offering a stable and reliable solution.

How Avancer can help?
Avancer can seamlessly help you in client onboarding for IAM managed services. If your client wants to integrate Directory-as-a-Service (DaaS), then our solutions seamlessly match up to that. With our top-notch managed services in IAM, we ensure to take care of your core IT security needs at their best. Clients get the most effective solutions within their enterprise with Avancer managed IAM services, be it onboarding a new hire, assigning roles, terminating access to a recently exited employee, and integrating the right access to the rightful person. The process is fast and flawless, offering clients the ease to use our managed solutions.

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