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Quite a few features of Identity and Access Management Technology are not known to IT decision makers. All they understand is a raw concept – allowing right person to enter the office premises and in digital terminology it is allowing for the right access to organization’s IT systems. One of the lesser known features about the IAM technology is that the benefits of right access are not limited to internal audience, it is quite exhaustive and reaches out to your Federated network.

Federated Access is the electronic identity and attributes of users in (or beyond the physical range of) organizations.

Federated Access Management provides a simple mechanism to identify, authenticate, validate, and authorize users and provide them with seamless access to wide range internal and external resources. Federated Access work seamlessly across organizations, platforms and heterogeneous directories, to allow organizations to integrate, inter-operate and manage trust using defined authentication and authorization policies.

Team with with partners outside you organization's borders
Federated Access Management is robust technology that extends access to partners and vendors, paving way for collaborative business processes

IBM explains it as the ability of one business to associate with one or more others in a federation, such that identities from one business domain (or identity provider) are authenticated and authorized to access services of another business (or service provider).

In addition, Federated Access Management also makes accessing applications easy with the help of Single Sign-On capability. Expertise in the field of federation requires thorough assessment of business environments and predict future requirements of organizations to recommend the most favorable solution. The solution recommended and implement by Avancer provides valuable functionalities and capabilities.

Listed below are the capabilities that federated access management solution provides:

  • Complete, centralized, and unified access control: Quick authentication and authorization of users, including employees, partners, and customers fast, secure access to a full range of HTTP and non-HTTP environments, resources and applications from any location
  • Efficient password management: Includes a web single sign-on component that automatically establishes user identities, tracks passwords and provides internal and external users with secure, authorized access to resources based on defined authentication and authorization policies.
  • Regulatory compliance: Provides deep visibility into network access information and generate detailed reports based on user behavior thus helping in appropriately modifying authentication and authorization policies
  • Business policy enforcement capabilities: Makes it easy to set and enforce identity and role-based access control policies across all your internal, external, and SaaS systems and applications. Centralizes authentication and authorization policies, and support for internal as well as cloud applications
  • Fully integrated, out-of-the-box support for identity federation: Support for widely known federation standards, such as SAML and OpenID. Also, offers extensive support for SAML bindings and secure web APIs including OAuth and WS-Trust

This way, Federated Access Management solution enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes and operations. Avancer Corporation partners with numerous technology providers to efficaciously implement state-of-the-art technology solutions.

Are you looking to upgrade or implement federated Access Management in your organization? If yes, allow us a discussion.

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