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Growing concerns of cybersecurity have left business owners in dilemma. 80% of organizations prioritize their privilege security and expressed how critical it is to maintain an isolated environment to ensure IT security. Protecting privileged assets and isolating environments within your IT security eco-system is still a tough task. Because, cyber attacks may occur anytime and ruin your vital business information, be it a multi-million company, government agency, hospital, university, or a shop next door. Just like a hamster wheel, as you keep securing your enterprise IT systems from one type of malware or cyber-attack an evolved and mightier one is at your beck to wreak havoc. So, how to get your business off the annoying hamster wheel? We’ll get into that in this blog and see how you can have an edge over the situation with Avancer’s IAM solutions.

What is at stake?
Cybercrime can result in Personally Identifying Information (PII) identity theft, credit card information theft, health records, and intellectual property theft, no matter how securely you keep them. Before learning the ways to ditch a cyber security hamster wheel, you got to have a basic idea about it. There are numerous solutions over there in the market, but not all of them are effective to fix this IT security loophole. Moreover, you have plenty of tasks to take care of including the increasing workforce, number of tools, and employee training to name a few. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) might come in handy in this scenario for the extra help you need to keep everything under control. Identity governance spearheaded with AI is the big thing in cybersecurity area as of now! More than 60,000 breaches occur in Europe alone, within a year that crucially affects the GDPR.

How to fix the loopholes and get away from the hamster wheel?
Vulnerabilities in IT or Identity security can be fixed, once you identify the right ones. The real challenge though is fixing them at the earliest. Avancer’s IAM solutions detect threats right at the onset automatically and prevent them from jeopardizing your IT security. Though the wheel of threat churns uncontrollably risking your enterprise identities and information, modern security tools are matching up to combat it as fast as they can. Identifying, blocking, patching, and fixing the miscreants can only safeguard enterprise information at large. Implementing features like EDR (endpoint detection and response) helps monitoring and detecting advanced cyber threats, even if temporarily.
What would you do to tightly secure your business identities and intellectual assets? Well, here are the solutions:

  • Automation:
    Automation is the key point, when you are at the verge of getting your information stolen or compromised by a cyberattack. Manually on an average 50 days are required to fix a malicious attack. Automation saves the time and your data as well. Metaphorical identification in an automated environment delays the security hamster wheel and enables IT admins for focussing on patching and preventing upcoming attacks.
  • Evaluate Trusting Users:
    Many a times threats and cybersecurity lapses occur through your users. Your users end up being your weakest link that threaten the endpoint security. you trust your users, but unknowingly they click any link or visit it which brings malware to your business. Endpoint security vulnerabilities are reviewed showing 92.4% of malwares being delivered through email whereas 15.5% of malicious emails were disguised as bills. Emails, web browsers, and social media have huge userbase and attackers use these methods to wreak havoc. Implementing a zero-trust architecture is sure to bring better security for your enterprise.
  • Isolating Crucial Business Information:
    Once you get yourself out of the hamster wheel your enterprise information will be actually secured. It is possible by isolating sensitive data from possible factors that might cause the cyberattacks. Your privilege enterprise data should be guarded with enough security settings and access controls.
  • Well, endpoint isolation seems as a viable option to safeguard your enterprise information. It might not be enough for enabling true separation to avoid the IT security hamster wheel. For an effective separation the above three aspects need to work in sync. Automating threat management will help security analysts handle more critical tasks at hand. Implementing the zero-trust architecture minimizes end-user errors and isolating privilege assets ensures better security. It decelerates the hamster wheel allowing more time to tighten your cybersecurity.

How Avancer can help you?
With Avancer, the above noted elements are well taken care of. Our IAM solution comes with Single-Sign-On, Multi-Factor-Authentication for your all-round cybersecurity and identity management, access control and identity governance requirements. Prior to the onset of such threats, the application detects the vulnerabilities and prevents the attacks altogether. So, the chance to fall into another vulnerable security loop is least. Apart from that our IAM tool helps not only on-prem systems but also protects on the cloud and hybrid systems too. Watch out for this space to know more about latest cybersecurity trends!

When it comes to exit the cybersecurity hamster wheel, there are a limited number of solutions out there. Explore how Avancer Corporation can help you overcome this vicious loop!


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