How Salesforce Managed Services transform small businesses?

When it comes to managing the various aspects of a small enterprise, most technology providers put less efforts in that regard. But, solutions like Salesforce managed Services have made a difference to the age-old trend of focusing on large enterprises and taking care of small ventures as well. Being a popular application development Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution focused at marketing and customer services, it helps small to medium businesses for effectively managing their processes. It in the long run supports the businesses get new clients as well. Latest Salesforce versions allow businesses in managing existing customers with enterprise level reporting, analytics, collaboration etc.

There are times when these functionalities might not be enough for your small enterprise and you might need additional features, security setups to protect your enterprise identities and information. In such scenarios, you can always pick Avancer Salesforce Managed Services for getting over those roadblocks.

Let’s get to know what Salesforce Managed Services have in their kitty for small businesses:

  • Preventive measures:
    Salesforce Managed Services adapt a proactive way in handling issues for employee data management, derailing revenue pipelines, or interfere with management. The application involves systems that indicates issues in your business setup, right after they pop-up. Identifying risks so fast improves the way you can address them or prevent them altogether before they severely affect your business.
  • No extra efforts to manage the services:
    Salesforce managed service providers ensure that your systems are kept abreast with the latest patches and updates as well as security protocols on their own. As a result, your customer or user engagement is not adversely affected as the quality of data within your enterprise is enhanced. This improves your business analytics and reports to be precise and accurate for better decision making, and craft relevant and effective marketing and sales campaigns for the right audience.
  • Better performance:
    As we said, managed Salesforce services can identify risks and problems beforehand. It lowers the chances of outages for users accessing the system. The sales team is hence able to focus on core aspects such as customer relationship building and be more productive.
  • Benefits for the IT team:
    For the IT team, managed services in Salesforce means you no longer need to allot a tech guy for Salesforce related issues. Remotely the issues can be resolves by diagnosing the risk factors. This in turn saves time and money for both the clients and service provider. Managed solutions ensure that round the clock monitoring of your business IT infrastructure is being done, so that you can breathe a sigh of relief. Because, issues will be taken care of before they turn into a crisis. The inhouse IT team will be more focused on developing core applications, rather than looking after the IT security matters. Remote fixing of upgrade issues, security concerns when handled effectively leaves your small business free to grow tremendously.
  • Brownie points for the Sales team:
    Salesforce Managed Services enable small businesses reduce cost and improve sales. With a team of Salesforce admins, expert consultants for your business from a reputed Salesforce Managed service provider is sure to take the burden off your shoulders. Hiring inhouse team or training your team would cost you hugely and carry the risk of not bringing experts solutions as well. With a service provider, you can leave the job to be done perfectly, so that you can concentrate on enhancing your sales in your core competencies, rather than managing the IT infrastructure. Your business grows as your database is optimized effectively and ensuring better user adoption and tracking the loopholes.

    The sales workflow gets simplified, helping the team reach their sales targets by efficiently managing employees, users, and the data within. Quick quote delivery, shorter sales cycles, faster deal closings and better customer relationship is achieved as Salesforce managed solutions save your precious time.

  • What the management team gets:
    Salesforce managed services offer instant access to all the reports and figure out the effective as well as non-working aspects of your business. Executives are able to use the information collected through the reports and figure out the business key drivers. Moreover, you can track your employees task status, email communications, and calls made etc. for enhancing their efficiency in future.

How Avancer can help?
All said and done, when your enterprise Salesforce management is a distant dream for you, as the cost, manpower and time is not on your hands. All that you should opt for is Salesforce managed services from Avancer. Apart from managing your business entities with Salesforce, Avancer’s IAM solution helps protecting your enterprise identities. In addition to that, if any third-party application on your IT system is unable to communicate with Salesforce, then the identity management service from Avancer can facilitate that as well. With such efficient Salesforce Managed Services from Avancer your small business is obviously getting ready for the big leap.

Wondering whether Salesforce Managed Services are fit your small business or not? Explore the solutions and how our experts can assist you!


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