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Camouflage; a technique is most effectively used in defense services to hide from the opponent soldiers in the battle ground.
With IDaaS, the concept of camouflage makes inroads to the world of technology.
The fancy statement relating Identity as a Service (IDaaS)  and camouflage was made to highlight … Read More

Mobility is playing an ever-increasing role in the life of contemporary business, providing everyone with a new level of communications freedom. The commercial benefits associated with greater mobility have been recognized as a great stimulus for businesses looking to transform … Read More

How do you ensure that your implemented IAM process is being effective? In today’s dynamic business environment the, role of Identity and Access Management (IAM) is to ensure organization’s security is undeniably critical. An IAM aids greater efficiency, security, increased productivity and of course regulatory compliance within … Read More

For businesses such as banking, insurance, investment management and others belonging to the financial sector, managing security requirements becomes more and more challenging. Today, organizations are increasingly turning to cloud-based solutions to address their needs to reduce complexity, to ease scalability … Read More

“In 2013, mobile devices will pass PCs to be most common Web access tools. By 2015, over 80% of handsets in mature markets will be smart phones.” -Gartner Research
Corporate world all over the map is embracing the mobile wave and the last five years have seen an expanding … Read More

Healthcare in the United States is going through a major shift both in how care is performed and funds are funneled.  These changes keep hospital administrators up at night and the rest of America on antacids.  What’s the number one … Read More