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Passwords dates way back to 1960, the time of commencement of computing technology. It was quite secure and it still is a stylish factor in ensuring access security. We stand today in 2015 where the scope of computing has exploded … Read More

Here is a situation, you enter into a conference hall every day and you have to greet each member (it could be just five members on a day and fifty members on some other day). Would you not prefer greeting them all … Read More

Knowing that in order to stay competent, businesses started bringing state-of-art innovative solutions into office premises. Today it is impossible to imagine a business without computing assistance. It has surpassed limited office dimensions and defied traditional work settings.
As … Read More

The benefits of technology are immense and this statement is not new to us. The scope of technological advancement leave us with a sense of awe and surprise – the process of inducting technology into a traditional system is not easy. It becomes even more complex when technological … Read More

For the highly connected world we live in, if you are asked whether employees in your organization carry their personal device to work, often, the answer is no. The trending concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is instrumental in … Read More

The term ‘Cloud’ rattles the uncertainty bone to a maximum for plenty of the world’s population today. To add to agony, the moment the cloud is being discussed, there are a hundred different reasons behind what the cloud is, and … Read More

Access management  is the systematic management of the access of resources by employees, partners, contractors and customers of an enterprise, whether manually, through coded applications, or automated. Automated access management requires identities, hence identity management is recommended for sound … Read More

Maintaining an organizations security is vital to its existence and development. In today’s age of globalization, businesses become increasingly collaborative and resources are availed of by a rising number of users. Therefore, organizations face complex challenges of maintaining their … Read More

Mobile computing gradually allows us to make the intangible “anytime, anywhere access” mantra a reality. Online social identities allow us to access web sites using existing identities from leading social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Mobile computing is … Read More

Many people find the process of IAM upgrades to be highly annoying and disruptive as they consider it as a complete waste of time. However, upgrades are really important for several reasons; firstly, they solve problems or shortcomings of the software. Secondly, … Read More