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Financial industry is driven by data from user details, transactions, account details, payment information, access governance, vendor management and so on. For financial organizations, having a strong plan to defend against cyber-attacks and creating an action based process to deal with a potential attack are crucial. Getting basics … Read More

While patient management system is an integral part of providing efficient healthcare services, data protection laws make it mandatory to provide reasonable safeguards to protect patient information from inappropriate use or disclosure.
With the growing number of apps, along with volumes of data to manage, healthcare providers are … Read More

The growth of mobile devices, social media and big data have resulted in companies relying heavily on outsourced IT and cloud services. Thereby, the focus towards privileged access for third-parties is also gaining prominence, helping companies to minimize risks of data theft and violation of compliance regulations.
Traditionally, most … Read More

Is it time to bid adieu to passwords and say hola to fingerprints? Are we finally moving towards a virtual world where the human body could be the key for accessing physical or virtual systems? Will biometrics sound the death knell on passwords or are we speculating … Read More

Great experience is a journey, not a destination. Here is a question – If Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology Integration is a Journey, how far have you reached?
The same applies to availing benefits from the IAM technology. IAM tech integration is a journey. You cannot stop … Read More

When I think of government enacted legislation, I remember the famous quote from one of the influential humanist philosophers, Marsilio Ficino, “Everything in nature is either a cause aimed at you or the consequence made by you”. With the history behind us on the Enron accounting scandal … Read More

Quite a few features of Identity and Access Management Technology are not known to IT decision makers. All they understand is a raw concept – allowing right person to enter the office premises and in digital terminology it is allowing for the right access to organization’s IT systems. … Read More

Cloud technology has come a long way. As businesses express their concerns over security considerations in a cloud environment, cloud operators come up with a befitting solution. Examples of this proactive approach include Single tenancy on (private) cloud, Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE), Ensuring Data in Motion, …
These … Read More

While making a shopping online on Amazon Indian portal – I was to login and follow through Two Factor Authentication (TFA) process. In the USA, TFA is widely adopted by financial organization or online banking, but when it comes to making purchases online – we are still … Read More

Let’s start with what is IdM VM Image?
In order to have a smooth functioning of IDM technology, the backend, front end and middleware needs to interact with each other. Therefore when an organization’s ecosystem is to bring Identity and Access Management technology, … Read More