The term ‘Cloud’ rattles the uncertainty bone to a maximum for plenty of the world’s population today. To add to agony, the moment the cloud is being discussed, there are a hundred different reasons behind what the cloud is, and why said … Read More

Access management  is the systematic management of the access of resources by employees, partners, contractors and customers of an enterprise, whether manually, through coded applications, or automated. Automated access management requires identities, hence identity management is recommended for sound security.

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Maintaining an organizations security is vital to its existence and development. In today’s age of globalization, businesses become increasingly collaborative and resources are availed of by a rising number of users. Therefore, organizations face complex challenges of maintaining their security … Read More

Mobile computing gradually allows us to make the intangible “anytime, anywhere access” mantra a reality. Online social identities allow us to access web sites using existing identities from leading social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Mobile computing is blurring the … Read More

Creating and remembering passwords is a modern-day inconvenience. Social single sign-on allows people to sign into their accounts using their existing social networks, fighting off the password fatigue that often comes with creating and remembering multiple passwords. Just sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, … Read More

Many people find the process of IAM upgrades to be highly annoying and disruptive as they consider it as a complete waste of time. However, upgrades are really important for several reasons; firstly, they solve problems or shortcomings of the software. Secondly, it is … Read More

As commonly known, API stands for application programming interface, that helps bring together a wide range of business services in order to facilitate organizational growth. Similarly, an Identity API is a well-defined HTTP/S based service that makes everything from a single focused … Read More

Camouflage; a technique is most effectively used in defense services to hide from the opponent soldiers in the battle ground.
With IDaaS, the concept of camouflage makes inroads to the world of technology.
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Jack owns a small and ambitious startup project. He deals with a stride of potential clients through his tiny army of professionals. Being at work on the go is what make Jack’s setup cast success.
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