The cost of implementing an IAM solution is often frowned at, while organizations continue with struggle of managing identities, authorizing and authenticating users.
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Here is a situation, you enter into a conference hall every day and you have to greet each member (it could be just five members on a day and fifty members on some other day). Would you not prefer greeting them all at … Read More

Integrating Identity Management (IdM) technology within the system is imperative for healthcare services providers. Healthcare providers have to remain on top at providing best care to patients. IAM technology has evolved through years to help healthcare organizations in achieving a secure IT framework, and be compliant to landmark regulations such … Read More

IDaaS (Cloud based Identity Management solution) allows benefits of Identity Management to all.
Identity as a Service (IDaaS) or Cloud Identity Solutions come into play when businesses decide to take a strategic decision and build on legacy IAM System. In case of healthcare, IDaaS based setups become all the more important … Read More

Before we speak about the trends, let have a little chat about where 2014 left! The curtain raiser for 2014 was Target Identity Theft Scandal, and the curtain closed with Amazon Scam Email, ringing bells of Identity theft threats. Each of such events have pointed at … Read More

Knowing that in order to stay competent, businesses started bringing state-of-art innovative solutions into office premises. Today it is impossible to imagine a business without computing assistance. It has surpassed limited office dimensions and defied traditional work settings.
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The benefits of technology are immense and this statement is not new to us. The scope of technological advancement leave us with a sense of awe and surprise – the process of inducting technology into a traditional system is not easy. It becomes even more complex when technological induction surpasses … Read More

If you have experienced no such activity then you are either lucky or oblivious. In case you have delayed securing your network then you are vulnerable to Cyber Trespassing. From an organisational standpoint, putting in place firewalls and anti-virus is fine, but they do … Read More

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As technology proliferates into business, organizations find themselves juggling with complications related to Identity management. The Identity Management landscape spreads beyond Identity checks, syncing applications, authorized access and more. The recent layer to the IAM landscape is – Mobile IAM.
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