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Avancer: progress, to move forward, to advance. This is a quality that hold very dear to multiple large enterprises and companies around the world. When companies find themselves needing a spark, a change in the status quo, pivoting is necessary. To pivot, … Read More

As technology proliferates into business, organizations find themselves juggling with complications related to Identity management. The Identity Management landscape spreads beyond Identity checks, syncing applications, authorized access and more. The recent layer to the IAM landscape is – Mobile IAM.
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For the highly connected world we live in, if you are asked whether employees in your organization carry their personal device to work, often, the answer is no. The trending concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is instrumental in boosting employee … Read More

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Access management  is the systematic management of the access of resources by employees, partners, contractors and customers of an enterprise, whether manually, through coded applications, or automated. Automated access management requires identities, hence identity management is recommended for sound security.

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Maintaining an organizations security is vital to its existence and development. In today’s age of globalization, businesses become increasingly collaborative and resources are availed of by a rising number of users. Therefore, organizations face complex challenges of maintaining their security … Read More

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Creating and remembering passwords is a modern-day inconvenience. Social single sign-on allows people to sign into their accounts using their existing social networks, fighting off the password fatigue that often comes with creating and remembering multiple passwords. Just sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, … Read More

Many people find the process of IAM upgrades to be highly annoying and disruptive as they consider it as a complete waste of time. However, upgrades are really important for several reasons; firstly, they solve problems or shortcomings of the software. Secondly, it is … Read More