Abha Sharma

By demonstrating expertise in providing support in IAM Solutions Integration, IT Security Strategy and Client Relations Management, Abha has been instrumental in growth of Avancer. She has been successful in developing new clients and has been responsible for team development in IT Security space at Avancer. Abha Sharma is Certified Oracle Identity administration and Analytics Sales Specialist at Avancer Corporation and has about two decades of experience in IT Sales and Operations. At Avancer Abha is responsible for identifying, qualifying and closing new business in Avancer’s security solutions practice with focus on Access Management, Identity Governance, Privileged Access Management, Cloud Based Identity Management and tools for mobile security. She specializes in Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Security Information Management (SIM, SIEM), Presales Technical Management, Oracle Fusion Middleware (SOA), Web Technologies and Business Development. Before associating with Avancer, Abha has worked with fortune 500 companies. She has worked closely with a number of clients to plan and develop IAM integration strategies. She has been actively involved in IAM productized offerings that includes Assessments, GAP Analysis and Upgrades.

Swift functioning of IAM systems is imperative for workflow operations, regulatory compliance and security requirements. Information security professionals grapple with the challenge of keeping IT system running, and ensuring that IAM capabilities are aligned to serve the business needs. One also has to ensure just right dependence on centralization and de-centralization for extending permissions, certifications and accesses. Furthermore, it is understood that dependence on manual intervention for automation is structurally challenging. It is, therefore, necessary to take stock of processes and align them with technical capabilities. Often the quick-fix integrations are made to the system for making temporary fixes and the new set of capabilities are not optimized. The situation is getting complex with companies employing customized integrations and ... Read More
05/02/2019Abha Sharma
Impactful healthcare/hospital workflows depend on swift functioning of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Systems such as EPIC, Cerner, Kronos, and other systems. These applications are created to bring ease in management of health records. However, many healthcare clients have shared challenges in managing identities and streamline accesses on EMR Systems. The source of this problem is the flow of identities on the EMR System. If the EMR system is not connected with the true-identity source such as HRMS, Active Directory or IdM System. It will lead to creation of discreet processes, and thereby complicating the flow – causing frustration for IT teams. Fixing such issues can become a tedious task because it takes pulling identities from various sources and streamlining them to ... Read More
03/21/2018Abha Sharma
I had an amazing discussion on my thoughts shared on Hybrid IT with few of you. One important challenge that was identified was unifying identities in a Hybrid setup. No doubt, identities drive IT processes in an enterprise setup, unification of identities thus becomes an important aspect of IT processes. Many a time, unifying identities from multiple target systems becomes a challenge owing to structural issues. In a lot of IT integrations, the target source(s) such as Active Directory are burdened to fetch identity related information and are connected to various applications – creating complex systems processes. Furthermore, if more target source(s) are added due to business expansion, to the IT System, it gets complex to manage. As same set of ... Read More
01/16/2018Abha Sharma
I will pick up from the point where I left – Is Hybrid a problem or an opportunity? The takeaway for me – Hybrid IT will continue to be there for at-least next few years until we have standards, best practices and lessons learnt. For sure, managing Hybrid Eco-System is a challenge! Cost associated with Hybrid IAM management is often not looked at during the planning stage, making it an expensive deal. I am assuming that most business houses should have an IAM setup – it can be a solution from a leading provider or a home-grown system. Now the next challenge that I would like to point at is the complexity in the architecture of Hybrid setup when it connects to various ... Read More
12/05/2017Abha Sharma
And how to fix that… Lack of control over SSH Keys is making hackers surpass Secure Shell security layer. The SSH Trick is when hackers use SSH Keys to log into servers. Most organizations are inadequately prepared for detecting a misuse of SSH keys. The trick is predominant, I realized this when I came across a report by Ponemon Institute that details vulnerabilities related to SSH keys. The highlights of the findings: 51% of organizations have already been compromised via SSH 60% cannot detect new SSH keys on their networks or rely on administrators to report new keys 74% have no SSH policies or are manually enforcing their SSH policies 54% of organizations using scripted solutions to find new SSH keys were still compromised ... Read More
11/22/2017Abha Sharma
Hybrid Challenges – Aligning Enterprise IAM Processes
Hybrid IT is the talk of the town – Cloud and On-Premises are coexisting and are being monitored, managed and utilized parallelly. The market is moving towards an era where technical transformation will be driven through a Hybrid approach. To harness this transformation, enterprises are required to manage multiple applications and identities that spans across on-premises and on cloud. There is a paradigm shift in management IAM platforms with a wide-spread adoption of cloud based technology. How businesses ensure parallel synchronous management of multiple IAM Systems is crucial. The tide is turning towards deployments of systems and tools that brings down complexity and risk. Creating consistency across platforms, enabling compliance with regulatory needs and ensuring seamless user experience. With wide-spread adoption of ... Read More
11/13/2017Abha Sharma
With the introduction of innovation in technology, a range of security layers rightly get integrated in IT Systems. As conventional security systems cannot address today’s dangerous threat landscape alone – introduction of network forensics and big data analytics is made to capture, process and analyze any security loophole. Furthermore, experts believe that Identity and Access Management also play a crucial role in the Big Data security. Big Data Management & Analytics is highly adopted by progressive organizations for generating and utilizing insights across industries including Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Life Science. According to an estimate by Mckinsey Global Institute 1, revenue of up to $100 billion can be generated annually by US pharmaceuticals if Big Data strategies are optimized to make informed ... Read More
06/28/2017Abha Sharma
It has been increasingly observed that companies are moving towards managing their IAM projects in-house, rather than engaging an outside vendor. Although, the step has its own merits, starting with gaining greater control over project delivery and saving cost in the short-run, for a long-term perspective, such a move could lead to multiple issues for the organizations to address. Further, with diverse skill sets and expertise in varied industries, IAM vendors are able to provide more proactive services to help companies mitigate data theft and other security issues. Here’s what might go wrong if you are solely dependent on an in-house IAM resource: Lack of Good IAM Resources: Although organizations are favoring inclined towards full-time consultants rather than contractors, they soon face ... Read More
11/23/2016Abha Sharma
While patient management system is an integral part of providing efficient healthcare services, data protection laws make it mandatory to provide reasonable safeguards to protect patient information from inappropriate use or disclosure. With the growing number of apps, along with volumes of data to manage, healthcare providers are swamped with the duel challenge to support their clinical staff, while protecting patient data. It is especially overwhelming for larger healthcare organizations, wherein, individual users are provided with multiple roles. For instance, a clinical staff, let’s say a doctor could hold positions in clinical researcher department as well as be a student in the same establishment. In such a scenario, assigning proper access as per the role of an individual could become ... Read More
07/27/2016Abha Sharma
Internet of Everything
The world is accelerating towards embracing smart devices. We are in midst of a lifestyle revolution where each device has its own identity and it interacts with a range of interconnected devices. Name a task and a smart device to conduct that task will surface. Each of such devices collects information, has an identity assigned to them and conduct tasks assigned to them. Smart thermometers, wireless blood pressure monitors, smart Bluetooth bulbs, fitness tracker wristband, pet tracker collar, and many more. These devices are controlled by remote sensors which include mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and/or personal assistance devices. Such devices are approaching in many new, different and exciting ways. In geeks’ language, it is called the Internet of Everything. The ... Read More
01/25/2016Abha Sharma