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The business has reached far greater heights in today’s world than anyone ever thought was possible. The same can be said for technology. Put the business and technology together, and you have an escalation of everything – profits, ease of conduct, innovations, better control, and more. Wait; go back to ‘better control.’ Is there any technology offering better control over your business, employees, and customers? Yes, it would be a lie to say it is not. However, we need to draw attention to the fact that sophisticated business techniques have also increased the risk factor. In addition, some security threats are growing, such as phishing, malware, ransomware, data breaches, and compromised passwords. Here are some of the changes that business ... Read More
05/11/2015Team Avancer
Oops! Lost your smartphone or laptop?  So what are you worried about: contacts, pictures or starting Candy Crush from Level 1 on your new phone? But, that is the least of your organizations concerns, they’re worried about the confidential e-mails, tenders and that million dollar idea that you have been working on for the last 4 months! Your personal device is no longer just your loss but poses a serious threat of corporate espionage to your respective organization, and could affect the industry as a whole. Welcome to the connected world, where companies are no longer confined geographical limitations. With access to company files, emails, and even projects from ... Read More
05/11/2015Team Avancer
“In 2013, mobile devices will pass PCs to be most common Web access tools. By 2015, over 80% of handsets in mature markets will be smart phones.” -Gartner Research Corporate world all over the map is embracing the mobile wave and the last five years have seen an expanding role of mobility in the workspace.Enterprises everywhere are coming up with innovative initiatives to support the mobility needs of personnel working for them. In addition, a variety of mobile applications and services are being offered to the workforce to make them more effective and efficient at work. Such applications and services unify different user populations within the organization, including internal workforce, partners, customers, and consumers, with the internal and external resources of ... Read More
05/11/2015Team Avancer
Healthcare in the United States is going through a major shift both in how care is performed and funds are funneled.  These changes keep hospital administrators up at night and the rest of America on antacids.  What’s the number one thing on a CEO’s/president’s mind?  The need to appease all constituencies*, both internal and external, and save enough resources to demonstrate his/her value. Well, I have a sleeping pill for him and a treatment for what ails our healthcare industry – I’m pretty sure it lies somewhere in the vastness of the IT universe. In the next few entries, we will offer our insight, as ... Read More
05/11/2015Team Avancer
Employee Related IT Crisis
Implementing a user provisioning system may be your key to resolving on- and off-boarding issues and access delays. Identity access and management (IdM) is a broad IT tool used by large firms to manage myriad user identities, compliance, and IT systems.  In this entry we will look at IdM access granting in the on- and off-boarding, request approval, and attestation process. To start, let’s look at the employee lifecycle process: If user rights are provisioned correctly from the beginning, the on- and off-boarding process can happen in a flash.  To begin, a user identity is generated through a trusted source that communicates access intent via an identity management system ... Read More
05/11/2015Team Avancer
Recently there has been a barrage of cloud customer relationship management(CRM) services introduced by technology giants and relative unknowns alike. With the surge of “cloud”-hawking industrialists vying for CRM dominance, a battle of dimensions, of sort, has commenced, and the question posed now in cross-department meetings, “Should we cloud compute or rollout an onsite CRM solution?” At the root of inquiry are more pertinent questions, such as; “Is cloud computing safe”? Can we trust it to be as reliable and secure as on premise solutions? Will the VPN become overloaded with the constant over-the-air stream of dynamic, day-to-day interfacing? Is the cloud solution less expensive than the desktop ... Read More
05/11/2015Team Avancer