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Quite a few features of Identity and Access Management Technology are not known to IT decision-makers. All they understand is a raw concept – allowing the right person to enter the office premises and in digital terminology, it is allowing for the right access to the organization’s IT systems. One of the lesser-known features about the IAM technology is that the benefits of the right access are not limited to the internal audiences, it is quite exhaustive and reaches out to your Federation network. Federated Access is the electronic identity and attributes of users in (or beyond the physical range of) organizations. Federated Access Management provides a simple mechanism to identify, authenticate, validate, and authorize users and provide them with ... Read More
07/06/2015Team Avancer
Cloud technology has come a long way. As businesses express their concerns over security considerations in a cloud environment, cloud operators come up with a befitting solution. Examples of this proactive approach include Single tenancy on the (private) cloud, Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE), Ensuring Data in Motion, … These are in keeping with the trends in computing technology and these benefits are rightly extended to the Identity and Access Governance sphere. So while all the noise is being created over the cloud is safe, why not take the next step and talk about Privilege Account Management and relating it to Cloud. Management of Privilege Accounts through Cloud technologyBenefits in terms of automation, just in time access and keeping the IT admin ... Read More
06/29/2015Team Avancer
To Business With Love…
The parade of regulations related to cyber security means more compliance, discipline and agility to be showcased by businesses. Identity and Access Management technology has been instrumental in helping businesses achieve an upper hand on the regulatory requirements. Ever since the internet made a foray the government has been on the front foot to monitor activities over the internet. The Sony hacks was a failure of corporate digital security in light of unprecedented threats to public and private networks, organized cybercrime machinery. Businesses are often disciplined with regulatory arms that flash hefty fines, consumer rights violations, business ethics and any violation leading to downward spiralling brand image. President Obama sought a budget allocation of 14 ... Read More
05/15/2015Team Avancer
BYOD and Hillary
And yes by Hillary I am referring to the Secretary of State, Senator and former First Lady and probably the next President of the USA. For those who don’t know below is a brief summary of what happened: Hillary Clinton used her personal email account which didn’t encrypt messages during the first two months of use, which would have left emails sent and received by Clinton in early 2009 vulnerable, just when British and American intelligence agencies were reportedly spying on world leaders. In her defense she said “I opted for convenience to use my personal email account, which was allowed. “I thought it would be easier to ... Read More
05/15/2015Team Avancer
Let’s start with what is IdM VM Image? In order to have a smooth functioning of IDM technology, the backend, front end, and middleware need to interact with each other. Therefore when an organization’s ecosystem is to bring Identity and Access Management technology, VM Image helps in simplifying the task. IAM solutions requires components with various versions to synchronize with the many features of IAM such as Provisioning, de-provisioning, SSO, Federated Access, Access Governance, Mobile Access… Depending on the requirements of the system, the complexity of the existing IAM system that needs to be upgraded or a fresh system keeps on increasing. Here are three key factors that indicate how such a customized VM ... Read More
05/15/2015Team Avancer
Passwords dates way back to 1960, the time of commencement of computing technology. It was quite secure and it still is a stylish factor in ensuring access security. We stand today in 2015 where the scope of computing has exploded and passwords have become easier to crack for hackers, who resort to innovative tricks to fool a user. Identity and Access technology algorithm has achieved exponential dimensions with one person possessing multiple IT properties. Such properties include, and are not limited to, the number of devices one owns, applications one accesses, websites one visits, recreation tools one opt for over the internet, online transactions one has to ... Read More
05/15/2015Team Avancer
Password Best Practices
The always in fashion technical crime (hacking) runs on the idea of guessing or stealing a password. Passwords are a tiny piece of the puzzle that protects user identity. They are the keys that unlock access to various applications over the internet. These applications could be sensitive in nature depending on the quality of conversation undertaken over a specific touch-point. Although even when the least vulnerable system has been attacked – it poses a threat to the existence of passwords and the value attributed to security by its users. We keep losing our passwords. Organisations may end up ignoring educating users about password best practices. While a user may end up writing one’s user name and password on a chit, ... Read More
05/15/2015Team Avancer
The cost of implementing an IAM solution is often frowned at, while organizations continue with struggle of managing identities, authorizing and authenticating users. We at Avancer strongly believe that this year is going to be a game changer, we are likely to witness a mind-set change where decision makers will view expenses in IAM as investment. Return on investment is assessing the profitability of the investment, but in case of IAM it requires moving away from traditional understanding of calculating ROI. Look at the cost of compromising what is at stake if implementing Identity and Access technology is delayed in an organisation. The need of the time is to move ... Read More
05/11/2015Team Avancer
Integrating Identity Management (IdM) technology within the system is imperative for healthcare services providers. Healthcare providers have to remain on top at providing best care to patients. IAM technology has evolved through years to help healthcare organizations in achieving a secure IT framework, and be compliant to landmark regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH. The structure of healthcare business has evolved into a module where it becomes imperative to integrate correct set of technology to interact within the IT system. In order to remain on the top at providing best care to patients, it is important for decision makers of healthcare organizations to understand the ingredients that go into the making of a perfect IAM synchronized IT infrastructure. In addition ... Read More
05/11/2015Team Avancer
IDaaS (Cloud based Identity Management solution) allows benefits of Identity Management to all. Identity as a Service (IDaaS) or Cloud Identity Solutions come into play when businesses decide to take a strategic decision and build on legacy IAM System. In case of healthcare, IDaaS based setups become all the more important as they allow flexibility to connect with various healthcare applications. Getting close to management of Identity through a legacy IT System which is governed via on premise setup often challenging, costly and complex. Well rounded and all-encompassing Cloud Identity Managed solutions are ideal for health care providers. The way ahead is parallel management of IAM on cloud and IAM on Premise in Healthcare settingsProtecting confidentiality and integrity of patient records has ... Read More
05/11/2015Team Avancer
Before we speak about the trends, let have a little chat about where 2014 left! The curtain raiser for 2014 was Target Identity Theft Scandal, and the curtain closed with Amazon Scam Email, ringing bells of Identity theft threats. Each of such events have pointed at passive threats of Identity thefts. This arrives at the time when C-Suite Executives, Administrative IT, Business Owners are struggling to optimize technology to achieve business excellence, efficiency, compliance, governance, et al. The custodians of administrative IT are not oblivious of these threats, but many chose to keep their fingers crossed and wish they will not be attacked. This is happening at the time when scam ... Read More
05/11/2015Team Avancer