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Typically, IAM solutions bring IT Security intelligence and work-flow operational efficiency. A poorly implemented and integrated IAM system is clearly not optimized for security, identity and access related capabilities. A theft can go unnoticed or detected late, this stands true even for organizations that have well integrated security capabilities in their IT Systems. Organizations that are prepared for IT causalities are better off firefighting than their lazy counterparts. Understanding the various aspects of IAM technology can bring great insights whether your IAM Solution is optimized.In this respect, learning about the technology and knowing if it is optimized for your business setting cannot be ignored. Here we break the capabilities of IAM technology for the healthcare establishment’s decision-makers. Treat it as ... Read More
05/27/2016Team Avancer
Financial sector has evolved into a digitally capable, technologically savvy industry. It has also embraced various breakthroughs in IT Security while maintaining robust workflow based operations. Harnessing mobile technology to better consumer engagement in a secure manner is a revolution we are witnessing in the present times. Banking and financial institutions are reaping the benefits of using mobile banking in the recent past. This has given the institutions – operating in B2C and B2E applications – opportunity for enhancing customer engagement, reducing operating costs, and up-selling or cross-selling services. Banks now intent that their customers use less of traditional brick-and-mortar banking, and instead use mobile facilities for paying bills, checking account details or even apply for loans and credit cards. As ... Read More
04/28/2016Team Avancer
The financial services market, including the banking sector, is monitored at Federal and State levels, and is subjected to various regulations. There are four main regulatory bodies at Federal level, namely – the Federal Reserve Board, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Office of Thrift Supervision, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. In addition, the state legislatures and state banking authorities also have a vital role in regulation of state chartered institutions. The list of regulations for financial and banking sector is too long and managing these is an uphill task for a financial organization. Governance, Risks and Compliance (GRC) is quite important for financial organizations from regulatory standpoint. Recently, changes in regulations have taken place. The amended ... Read More
04/20/2016Team Avancer
Telecom companies essentially work with a large user base that spans across national boundaries. The users believe that the telecom system can be relied upon for various transactions that could be financial or sensitive in nature. Within the telecom industry the digital identities created and access governance algorithm is very complex. Let’s look at a scenario. A single user with a single handset could be in possession of multiple identities – considering the number of applications synced. The security angle comes in when a user makes a financial transaction via mobile phone. At a business level, the telecom operator needs to manage access for employees, vendors, users and super users. From an Identity and Access Management standpoint, there are quite a lot of ... Read More
03/28/2016Team Avancer
Patient-facing applications as provided by healthcare APIs have given a plethora of options for engaging with customers via mobile, web, as well as social media platforms. APIs are defined as protocols or programming routines that allows the software applications for sharing data or information. Organizations – specifically healthcare providers – have been using this tool for creating synchronized management of records, information, data, while saving time, money and resources. Usage of APIs in Healthcare brings better sharing of patient information and creates a robust workforce management systemBenefits of using APIs in healthcare are multi-pronged. Patients are given an enormous opportunity for using their own data. This helps in keeping a record of their health status, therefore aiding them in making informed ... Read More
02/04/2016Team Avancer
Internet of Everything
The world is accelerating towards embracing smart devices. We are in midst of a lifestyle revolution where each device has its own identity and it interacts with a range of interconnected devices. Name a task and a smart device to conduct that task will surface. Each of such devices collects information, has an identity assigned to them and conduct tasks assigned to them. Smart thermometers, wireless blood pressure monitors, smart Bluetooth bulbs, fitness tracker wristband, pet tracker collar, and many more. These devices are controlled by remote sensors which include mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and/or personal assistance devices. Such devices are approaching in many new, different and exciting ways. In geeks’ language, it is called the Internet of Everything. The ... Read More
01/25/2016Team Avancer
By their very nature, IT network of educational/ academic institutions are used by a large number of transient users. One of the examples of a transient user is an aspiring student who fills up an application and use parent’s credit card to make the payment. Such details are stored in the institution’s system. Academic institutions keep enormous information, which includes but is not limited to research papers, student’s data, transaction details, etc. What’s more – It is not just about money, this game is also about truckloads of sensitive information that is possession of universities. Top rated universities are at the forefront of academic, government and even defense research. For cyber criminals, educational institutions are easier to break into because the ... Read More
10/23/2015Team Avancer
A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is someone who has climbed up to a senior-level executive role within an organization. The key responsibility is to establish, protect and maintain enterprise vision, strategy, and program to ensure information assets are protected through the right set of technological interventions. With time, the role has become challenging as the sophistication of evolved technology requires constant learning. As cybercriminals invest in developing sophisticated hacking tools, CISO’s are expected to be a step ahead of them. While hacking aims at exploiting security vulnerabilities, hackers have successfully developed robust tools that include, but are not limited to advanced features such as forensics, APIs, etc. The army of IT security guards led by the Chief Information Security Officers ... Read More
10/07/2015Team Avancer
The demand of business today is to allow data on the go and the Internet of Everything is catching up fast – these are areas of concern for the keepers of cyber security. Usage of mobile devices has been higher, tablets are only extending the purview of handheld devices. Many enterprises see the benefits of mobile access as it helps in keeping the system on the go. However inadequate control over mobile devices may end up in a business nightmare. One user and many devices – mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet. When usage of mobile devices is permitted for official use, it becomes a responsibility of both device users and enterprise to ensure that it does not leak sensitive corporate information.Listed below ... Read More
09/29/2015Team Avancer
Businesses that are able to implement Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology in the right way are promised big rewards. However, CIOs and decision makers need to gain perspective on IAM implementation and make sure that their approach is progressive to get the best out of their IAM investment. A though strategic implementation of IAM tech can make all the difference to your business.Here are the things IT decision makers need to keep in perspective when they are at the stage of making IAM technology a part of their IT Ecosystem. Anticipating the Scale of Preparation it Demands CIOs first IAM implementation is often overlooks the need for expert intervention. While it may come across as a ... Read More
09/01/2015Team Avancer
Healthcare, being a social sector is designed for public access and traditionally has not considered enforcing safeguards. An effective way to approach HIPAA compliance in a healthcare establishment is by ensuring that any myth related to the regulation is defied. It becomes crucial to gain deep knowledge about the regulations. As digitization of sensitive information in healthcare sector has taken on in full swing, service providers, be it large settings or smaller units, are perpetual targets of cyber thieves looking for information. If it surprises you that data (whether on premises or cloud) in custody of healthcare providers – from large hospital to small clinical settings to laboratories – are on the watch list of cyber criminals, then do not ... Read More
08/18/2015Team Avancer
Did you receive a request for approval lately? Is that request lying on your inbox unattended? Is there any further clarification (or worse – a series of clarifications) required to process that request – perhaps a policy consideration which might require intervention of a super senior resource? What if you are required to take out all requests he has sent in? Isn’t that’s a pain in the neck? The term is Un-automated Workflow Syndrome / Un-computerized Workflow Syndrome. Think about intuitive intelligent IT systems that track each activity and enables users to take out relevant (and authorized) information at a click of mouse? Collaborative automation is about creation of intuitive systems made possible with IAM technology and that is undoubtedly one of ... Read More
08/13/2015Team Avancer