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Starting with the impact of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for USA based business houses – PCI DSS compliant organizations will not have to struggle, however it is better to get an expert opinion and be sure about it. Overall GDPR revolves around managing compliance risks, protecting sensitive data and streamlining enterprise processes. Identity and Access Management capabilities play a major role in key aspects of GDPR compliance. The deadline brings an opportunity for businesses establishments to ensure that their processes are aligned to principled approach of building privacy, security, compliance and transparency. Considering many aspects of digitization, the regulatory environment around IT practices, consumer data privacy and business practices is seeking strict compliance. As European privacy law, the GDPR ... Read More
02/02/2018Team Avancer
Information security starts by controlling – ‘Who’ has ‘What’ access to systems & data and ‘How’ that information is being accessed. Keeping in perspective the security aspect of information routed via SSH Key management, there are a few important questions for IT department heads to ponder over: Can your IT Team detect a new SSH Key Introduced in the Enterprise IT Network? How does your organization mitigate the risks associated with the structural issue that SSH Keys do not expire? What security systems are implemented by your IT Security folks for SSH keys integration in cloud environment? SSH Protocol is a widely deployed facility for establishing encrypted connections, with changing security dynamics it is important to align SSH Key with Identity and Access Management ... Read More
10/17/2017Team Avancer
The Internet of Things (IoT) has started to impact the way we function and in the way businesses are conducted. Top industry bodies have made progressive claims on the scope and proliferation of IoT enabled capabilities. A few highlights of IoT proliferation and market share estimates include: IoT is expected to grow from USD 170.57 billion in 2017 to USD 561.04 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 26.9% as per a report by MarketsAndMarkets. McKinsey Global Institute reports the IoT business will deliver USD 6.2 trillion of revenue by 2025. Gartner predicts 26 billion IoT units deployed by 2020, creating new challenges for all aspects of the Data Center. Owing to highly sensitive information, IoT integration in the Financial Services industry requires ensuring ... Read More
06/21/2017Team Avancer
If we look at the IT departments today, they have become very interesting! It is not just about computing and networks, there is more to it – including IT Security, risk management, access & identity dynamics, cloud, hybrid systems, threat intelligence and the list goes on as we proceed through this article. The leaders and heads of IT departments, including the Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and Enterprise Security & Risk Professionals (S&R Professionals) need to be cognizant of the complete enterprise IT dynamics. Achieving complete IT Security is not a destination, but a journey. How CISOs and S&R Professionals stay on top of the IT Security game is all that matters. IT is highly complex and connected through dynamic technological ... Read More
02/01/2017Team Avancer
In 2016, we’ve witnessed a number of major IT developments and trends, all of which had a significant effect on defining businesses. Be it evolution in mobile or cloud technologies, or development of newer technologies like IoT and smart devices, several technological expansions made headway into mainstream adoption this year. However, one of the biggest IT trends of 2016 had been cyber-security becoming more robust and inclusive. Further, traditional methods of IT security such as IAM and MFA expanded to include better features, along with enterprises implementing newer technologies such as SUBA and Secure SDLC, to create comprehensive IT security environment. While popularity of APIs and big data continued, a surprising trend to recruit in-house IT talent gained ground, despite ... Read More
12/15/2016Team Avancer
A cyber breach – an incident in which hackers gain access to vital commercial or customer cyber systems – can come with a big price tag for your small business. In the computer security context, a hacker is someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system or computer network. Hackers may be motivated by a multitude of reasons, while they are notorious as criminals, that’s not always the case. Some hackers might be motivated by profit, some hack in lieu of protest or to challenge the system. Hit amongst them are those who to evaluate vulnerabilities in the system and help businesses minimize the chances of being hacked into. They are also known as ethical hackers as they ... Read More
08/23/2016Team Avancer
Not a day goes by without news and reports around cyber-attacks. High-profile, high-impact cyber breaches are becoming common. IDC’s Health Insights group predicts that 1 in 3 health care recipients will be the victim of a health care data breach in 2016. Healthcare providers (including insurance providers) must encrypt personal information. A cyber breach can cause financial losses and more serious damage to the parties breached in the process than ever before. The repository of information saved in healthcare industry database is supposed to be sensitive, private and confidential. A strong foundation for information security framework, organizations need to put the basics in place and then evolve. In a healthcare setting a reasonably practical IT Security strategy to eliminate all ... Read More
08/19/2016Team Avancer
Financial industry is driven by data from user details, transactions, account details, payment information, access governance, vendor management and so on. For financial organizations, having a strong plan to defend against cyber-attacks and creating an action based process to deal with a potential attack are crucial. Getting basics in place, and augmenting IT security with right set of technology not only secures IT assets but works towards thriving operations within an organization. There are drastically lower computing challenges related to IT hold up. A strategically aligned IT Security System with right set of application integration, identity management, governance of access, notification mechanism etc. are imperative for IT Systems to flourish. Despite the best of technological systems in place, the robustness ... Read More
08/18/2016Team Avancer
Why financial institutions must gang-up against cybercriminals
If the data resting with a financial organization is breached – for cyber criminals it is like hitting a jackpot! The financial sector is one of the top targets for cyber criminals. Over past few years, banks and financial organizations have been subjected to a barrage of cyberattacks. There are more varied versions and different researches pointing at vulnerability related to leaking of financial data. For organizations, it is important to find learning from these thefts and undertake corrective measures. Why financial institutions must gang-up against cybercriminals.We have placed together a few cases – to learn from. Here are the top breaches reported in the financial sector: JP Morgan Chase Learning: Cost of theft fixation is enormous, better set an annual budget. Case: With ... Read More
07/07/2016Team Avancer
The demands of business ecosystem have never ceased to increase. This has further increased challenges related to maintenance of secured IT environment across various IT touchpoints. In addition, technological integration should supplement organizations’ fundamental need to operate in a seamless manner. Each aspect of IT and related implementation or integration come with its own set of tailored needs. Furthermore, depending on the industry, functional or regulatory requirements, each IAM deployment is different. The management, including CFO’s, CSO or IT heads, needs to carefully look up at the pain points related to every aspect of technology so that they can be addressed. Given this scenario, there have been too many technology services coming up with custom capabilities for various aspects of ... Read More
06/08/2016Team Avancer
The growth of mobile devices, social media and big data have resulted in companies relying heavily on outsourced IT and cloud services. Thereby, the focus towards privileged access for third-parties is also gaining prominence, helping companies to minimize risks of data theft and violation of compliance regulations. Traditionally, most of the systems were on-premises, and secure access was provided to the data center. With companies moving to the cloud, broader access is required and the chances of people with malicious intent gaining access is also increasing. Take for example, any e-commerce company. For these businesses to grow there is a heavy reliance on various partners. To connect stakeholders, companies are giving access to vendors, customers, partners etc., resulting in third-parties having privileged ... Read More
06/04/2016Team Avancer
Typically, IAM solutions bring IT Security intelligence and work-flow operational efficiency. A poorly implemented and integrated IAM system is clearly not optimized for security, identity and access related capabilities. A theft can go unnoticed or detected late, this stands true even for organizations that have well integrated security capabilities in their IT Systems. Organizations that are prepared for IT causalities are better off firefighting than their lazy counterparts. Understanding the various aspects of IAM technology can bring great insights whether your IAM Solution is optimized.In this respect, learning about the technology and knowing if it is optimized for your business setting cannot be ignored. Here we break the capabilities of IAM technology for the healthcare establishment’s decision-makers. Treat it as ... Read More
05/27/2016Team Avancer