Cloud technology has come a long way. As businesses express their concerns over security considerations in a cloud environment, cloud operators come up with a befitting solution. Examples of this proactive approach include Single tenancy on the (private) cloud, Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE), Ensuring Data in Motion, … These are ... Read More
06/29/2015Team Avancer
Let’s understand what creates a ground work for intelligent Identity and Access Management When it comes to creating intelligent system networks, it needs to be in coordination with various aspects of business. Starting with basic automation and computing to allowing modes for keeping Data in Motion, bringing checkpoints to ensure safety, ... Read More
06/24/2015Rajesh Mittal
I will not break a news if I say that cyber criminals enter your systems through the user route. While IAM technology is effective in protecting the systems and processes, what is beyond the shield of technology is human fail-ability and intentional trickery. For example, what to do when: An employee (users) ... Read More
06/18/2015Rajesh Mittal